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25 thoughts on “Young Flirty Updo for Thin Hair | Prom Wedding “Natural Hair”

  1. Hey naptural my hair is short (bob length ) and then and I need a formal
    style my hair is naturally curly btw but I wear other straight most of the
    time because its easy to manage if I knew how to manage it curly I would
    wear it that way please help

  2. I love ur video i have a mix daughter and want to use natural home made
    products i like that u take cost to ur things keep it up u help me to keep
    her hair up thank u very much

  3. What is wrong with you people? She’s trying to help and you all are just
    complaining. Why does she have to do the style on a thin person’s hair???
    She gave you step-by-step instructions. Try it on YOUR OWN HAIR. If it
    works…GREAT! If not, okay move on and try one of her other styles! Do you
    guys want her to come to your home and do it for you? Jeeez!!!

  4. ‘Cause that’s not AT ALL stereotypical. But pardon me, I’m sure you’re VERY
    well-informed on what every black woman on the planet is choosing to “go
    hard” on. Smh

  5. You’re welcome dear! I totally did this style on Friday on a twist out and
    I got a TON of compliments. Great for dancing too!

  6. Whatever happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say
    anything at all”? Whitney takes time out of her life to make videos showing
    how she styles her hair and maybe give people a little inspiration. If you
    don’t like the style simply don’t do it, give it a thumbs down and move on.
    I’m sure coming on here saying you don’t like the style isn’t going to stop
    her from doing it. The negative comments are just unnecessary.

  7. Totally Agree 🙂 The thumbs down button and silence is power cause It’s
    mean out here on these youtube streets. lol

  8. EXACTLY!!! I HAV THICK HAIR BUT ITS GREAt she takes thin haired naturals in
    consideration. das y she is da best!!!

  9. i llove this! ive been searching all over youtube for a person with natural
    hair that had the same length and texture as I do. this is perfect! i need
    to get curlformers

  10. So many jealous women on here lol. Someone is trying to help you and you
    don’t want to listen…. This style is beautiful and would give any hair
    more volume.

  11. Don’t really know what’s going on in the comments section but great job and
    u look amazing..

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