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25 thoughts on “Winter Tips for 4C Natural Hair: Moisture, Glycerin & Styling

  1. Although I moisturize, my hair gets so dry over the winter. Sometimes I
    wonder if it can start a fire!

  2. braids can be washed and deep conditioned and this allows for me to keep up
    with my natural hair easily for a good 2-3 months

  3. Hey all. I’ve recently big chopped and I suffer from dry hair that loves
    fatty oils and water but where I attend school has harsh winters and I
    don’t want breakage. My hair is very, very short. If you want to see just
    how short you can watch a video of mine but I would like to know if anyone
    has extra tips on how to keep hair healthy a few months after the BC during
    the winter. Thanks!

  4. You are fabulous – Giving us all kinds of Jurner Smollet teas! Keep doing
    your thang with your posts, tips, and bringing your ENERGY!! God Bless!!

  5. I love your personality. You have very good advice and perspective. And you
    “don’t suffer fools”. Ha Ha. 

  6. OMG I’ve been waiting for you to upload a winter video I live in London
    England and this weather ain’t a joke ♥♥♥♥

  7. Ok, her videos are always long and she rambles, but I love her! Lol! Just
    like her I’m wigging it for the winter. 

  8. Protective styling is definitely key for me during winter. Especially with
    our -40 degrees we’ve been having…. 

  9. For the longest….I thought u were british….does the accent just come
    and go?? Lol.
    Thank you so much for the tips, I love that hair btw

  10. I really appreciate this video it had a lot of great tips and productos. I
    have been considering a wig bc I want to bw able to still wash and take
    care of my hair without extenstions getting in the way. So Thank You!! And
    Happy Holidays :)

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