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  1. Very nice tutorial on the products haul I am in love with Shea Moisture
    products. When I did my big chop 4 months ago this product was the first I
    used and I will always stick with Shea Moisture my hair loves it. Your hair
    looks amazing as always keep the videos coming.

  2. Where are u from? Ur accent sounds like a mixture of British & Caribbean. I
    love your videos btw!

  3. Thank you thank youthank you so much love u girl. Needed a ton of the
    products u meantioned in this video. I have super dry scalp n needed a
    routine for the winter. Lookin forward to ue videos:)

  4. Hello chica, where do you suggest I buy my hair products from.. I was
    telling you earlier that I love Trader Joe’s, do you think I can find
    products like Shea Butter , jojobo oil, grapeseed oil. When I go to the
    beautyy supply store its like you never know if the products are fake and
    watered down, I want the natural, real products.

  5. I used Shea Moisture Antibreakage Masque. Follow by combining yogurt,
    honey, conditioner and little bit olive oil for a deep condiioner. My hair
    was so soft. Thank you. Your videos are understanding and simple. You dont
    need a Phd to understand your videos. Products are not expensive but
    reasonable price. Keep pushing those videos. p.s. I was in target
    yesterday. Black soap wash is still on sale.

  6. i love your videos they are very informative. are you gonna do a video on
    the length of your hair now?

  7. Great video,thanks:) I made a great combination of all my essential oils
    for hair and skin,and have great results!Jojoba,olive,coconut oil,shea
    buter,black soap and all my supplements!And i get everything very cheap on
    iherb.com-official distributor of oils,soaps,cosmetics,supplements and many
    more!Also you can save $10 when you type coupon code ZQL811 in the
    checkout.Also you can choose 1 product free with every purchase you
    make.Its worldwide shipping!Check it out,you can save lots of money 🙂

  8. yes, i did do an hot oil treat ment before the purifcation masque. but u
    can use it as a shampoo alternative

  9. all u need is plain whole milk yogurt hun, dont need to be the same as
    SAME RESULT.. regular hun is just fine, unfiltered is great if u also use
    it in reaplace of your sweetners.

  10. Thanks for your response chica, I appreciate it. I am most defintitely
    going through Amazon 🙂

  11. Love ur Chanel I am try to get my hair thicker and stronger fuller and more
    defined curl do u have any suggestion

  12. You might need to go to a dermatologist? African Americans really shouldnt
    suffer from dandruff. We often mistake dandruff for a more serious
    condition. Another idea might also DRINK more water, your pores might be
    crying for water. I use to have that problem, turned out docs told me I had
    a condition that could be controlled with a cream and lots and lots of

  13. I luv using the Anti breakage mask as a leave in for winter when I
    protective style. Luv your videos:)

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