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25 thoughts on “Winter Hair Protection: Prevent Dry Hair and Maintain Moisture

  1. I love your hair. What leave in conditioner are you using in your hair?

  2. Are you crazy??? You should never put water alone in your hair unless you
    already have enough oils/ conditioner ect in your hair already because it’s
    just going to DRY it out! Add like conditioner, aloe vera juice,(glycerin,
    if your hair likes it),Olive oil or another oil of your choice to the
    water,about 1 table spoon or so to 5 ounces water in a 6 oz spray bottle
    can give you moisture for days!

  3. Thank you so so much.. I have been battling dry hair this whole winter and
    i was getting fed up but now it works for me to use these caps and deep
    condition more often like once a week

  4. Ah… I need to start doing this. Recently lost my satin bonnet though >.>’

  5. You know, my hair loves moisture, but spritzing water is a no go for me. It
    likes the moisture, but just plain water even as a refresher is just not
    happening with my hair. It tends to just make it more dryer, or make it dry
    out faster. Maybe because right now I am approaching the in between stage,
    too long to be TWA anymore, but too short to be anything else . . . But I
    have to wet my hair in the shower, properly moisturize, and go. If it dries
    out during the day, then the process will either have to be started over
    again, or I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to moisturize it again.
    Spritzing water just doesn’t happen for me. I wish it did. 

  6. Nice!!! You are absolutely right. I use the caps and it does exactly as you
    have stated. Great Job!!! Thank You for sharing this information :-)

  7. I guess I’m doing everything right! I thought I was the only one who used
    plastic caps at night on my head under my scarf. Cool! Very Sweet Girl!

  8. She clearly said water and a little oil….. people hear what they want to
    hear lol
    #Great Video 

  9. Thank you so much! You are a godsend. I transitioned to natural hair in the
    early 2000 and I had locs for 7 years. I cut my locs 4 years ago and now
    trying out different methods to retain moisture in natural etc. I enjoy
    your videos. 

  10. Thanks for the advice. I’m going to get my knitting needles out and start
    making myself some beanies! Loving my natural hair journey! Thanks again!

  11. Hi Naptural85 what can i do if l’m transitioning to natural but my hair
    stay itchy ??

  12. I love all of your videos! I think you are doing a wonderful thing by
    showing people how to maintain natural hair. I am a natural from Boston MA
    and I love every second of being one, I used to hot comb and curl my
    natural hair all the time like you and it was very long BUT thin 🙁 .
    Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to go the “big chop” to my hair to start
    off. Now it is growing very nice and I’m loving the natural curliness of my
    hair. I just wanted to say keep up the great work and make more helpful
    videos for us ladies to see. I’ll keep liking them all!!!

  13. hi Nap! did you pin your hair to get that ponytail look or did you use a
    regular ponytail holder?

  14. She clearly said water and a little oil….. people hear what they want to
    hear lol
    #Great Video 

  15. Thank you for this. The top section of my hair is the driest and it is
    always so frizzy. The rest of my hair is really curly and defined. I love
    all your videos, and like so obsessed with your beautiful fam!!! lol

  16. I think I’ve fallen in love. You & that mane of yours are simply amazing!!!
    Although I’ve had a growing itch to reshape my “organic” tresses N2 a
    hawk, after watching just a few of your VIDs, I’m inspired & motivated to
    train, revive, restrengthen these silvery locs of mine. In a nutshell,
    you’re a Godsend & have moved this 40+ chica to get going again.
    Lotsa Love, Joy & Peace in 2014 to you & your beautiful family!

  17. I’m so happy I stumbled across this video. My hair has been super dry to
    the point where I have scalp acne…I think the silk bonnet, heat cap and
    water spritz (morning & night) are going to make a huge difference. I’m so
    glad that Youtube provides this avenue to share our journey with each

  18. Tap water is toxic, fluoride lowers brain function. Distilled water with
    vegetable glycerin or some other natural moisturizer.


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