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25 thoughts on “Wig Tips: (Taking Care of Your Natural Hair)

  1. Soooo helpful for a wig wearer who cannot cornrow and does not like having
    other do my hair (salons). Thank you.

  2. Really love this video!! I have a question though, is there anyway to avoid
    itchyness? Whenever I wear my wigs I get so itchy 🙁 is it becuase I wear
    wig caps?

  3. Thank you for sharing your information. I wanted to give my hair a break
    and need to find out how to take care of my natural hair under my wig. Your
    information was well needed. God bless and thanks for sharing!

  4. im transitioning now almost a year i was getting sew ins but wanted to let
    my hair breath i have 3 lace wigs i paid 250 each for ty for sharing the
    satin scarf tip i must try that and your cornrolls were fine they dont need
    to be all that tight on your head and scalp any way great video. 

  5. thanks very informative no more stocking cap for me, i’ll do satin so
    Questions: lets say the cornrows are in ur hair, how do you keep a clean
    scalp? do you shampoo, condition while the corn rows in place???.
    personally idk how to cornrow so when i do go to the african saloon for
    that it’ll stay on my head for a month so how can i keep my hair clean
    while I’m moisturizing and sealing the cornrows twice a day under the

  6. Thank You soo much for your tips!!! I alomst had a relapse on getting weave
    in my hair but this looks like a better solution for me and more of my
    budget ! 🙂

  7. i totally agree I brought my first wig and they gave me a stocking cap
    after watching this i snatch the stocking cap off ASAP smh thanks again!

  8. How do you keep the wig on if the wind is blowing too hard? I had someone
    tell me just use V shaped bobby pins but, not wearing cap for that day is
    ok. Is that right?

  9. @jbarbour68 That is actually something that will happen regardless because
    it’s a long wig. Shorter wigs do not get nappy in the back because they are
    not rubbing against clothing, getting heavily blown in the wind…ect.
    However wig sprays are great to keep the hair moisturized and helps keep
    the matted hair to a minimal. Wig sprays are also good to help brush
    through wigs for easy detangling.

  10. thanks for the video! Really helped me out, was justa bout 2 go buy a wig
    wid da teeth at the front!! Are the draw string wigs a better option? And
    if using a satin scarf underneath the one you used how do you secure it
    with bobbin pins, i might sound stupid but wouldnt the scarf be a bit

  11. Great tips. Just started wearing wig. Needed to know how to protect and
    keep hair moisturized. Thanks so much!

  12. I’m so glad I watched this video, my hair is coming out at the temples, and
    now I know it’s because of the wig caps, never again, satin scarf it is!
    Thanks soooo much

  13. how much did you pay for this wig,sis? i’ve been really considering wearing
    wigs for protective styling.

  14. What recommendations would you give for thin edges damaged by use of glue
    to help the edges to grow back.

  15. @lloys002 I like the option of a draw string just to be able to add that
    extra step of security, however it just all depends on your lifestyle and
    what works for you. I use a satin scarf and it’s not too thick for me.
    However if the satin scarf is too thick then you can use a du-rag. Both are
    only about a $1 so if one doesn’t work you can always use the other…Good

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