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25 thoughts on “Why black men don’t grow natural hair

  1. I think that the root of everybody asking us to cut our hair is fear.Why?
    because black men are known to be strong and people get intimidated by us
    for some reason more so if you wear your hair out.When you cut your hair in
    some way you are hiding your etnicity.I wonder if black men in Africa use
    to cut their hair before slavery came.¿?And I wonder if that believe in our
    comunity of cutting mens hair comes from the slavery fields where most
    probably they were forced to cut it.There were no cameras back then so we
    dont know.BUT for that small per cent of black men that wear their hair
    long and out itshows 2 things.First he is not ashamed of his hair an dlikes
    his etnicity.Second he has strong perosnality enough to go against the 95%
    short hair fashion.So if you dont acomodate to the white society standards
    that traditionally thinks of black men as strong and agressive,AND if we
    are not afraid to not acomodate to afro-american stereotypes,people just
    realize you ar enot the kind of individual they can easily jump
    on.manipulate etc etc.Oh I forgot you also show that you ar enot afraid of
    been called sisy.IMHO those are the major reasons

  2. it is annoying with all these black men wearing their hair short then they
    expect you to do the same. I don’t even like wearing my hair short.

  3. Good video and great hair! Hopefully the time will come when long, natural
    hair is appreciated by society, especially on black males. You figure by
    the 2010’s we’d have some real diversity going on but it seems most people
    would rather shun that which makes us unique instead of embracing personal

    The 60’s and 70’s had to be the best time period for self-expression. You
    could wear anything and basically have any hairstyle. I wonder if it’ll
    ever be like that again?

    Keep being yourself and uploading videos, you’ve got good insight.

  4. Gay men are usually not afraid of what society thinks and so they are
    usually the ones who open the doors to move into new directions. For men,
    anytime you step out in a new direction, do something out of the ordinary,
    or you’re the first… First thing people are going to say is: MUST BE GAY!
    For that reason, ironically, gay men are free and in so doing, they can
    show the rest of the population possibilities. Back in the day, I was the
    first guy in the Bronx to rock a high top fade. Everyone was calling me
    Grace Jones, laughing at me, of course, asking if I was gay, then 2 yrs
    later, they were all over it! More men in general need to stop being afraid
    of what people will think or say and just be themselves. Big up to the gay
    brothers for leading the way in fashion and things, but we shouldn’t have
    to wait for them to make the move first. God gave everybody a spark of
    creativity. Straight guys are just afraid to use it.

  5. we have been socially conditioned, cutting the hair is a form of
    bondage…. notice how in the military,prison or even during the Jewish
    concentration camps they cut their hair off. it’s basically a form of mind
    control. I’m starting to grow my hair now :)

  6. Me too, I want to let my hair grow !

    and I working on anything who could help people understand that it’s not a
    big deal ! Recently I event found a second part-time job !

  7. Getting a job. Statistically speaking: anything other then short hair will
    not get you employed.

  8. Short hair is low maintenance. Bald is no maintenance…. Just wash your
    face and head and go. I’ve been growing my hair out for about a year now.
    It is more work,time etc. ..but I just don’t want to cut it anymore. I wish
    I could go up in the woods and become a mountain man. never shave or cut my
    hair again.

  9. I keep my hair neat. I would have one question for the boss, what is more
    important, the fact that I complete every task you give me or my hair
    length? He or she will probably answer, your appearance says a lot about
    you. Ok, I would agree but explain to me the difference between short neat
    hair and long neat hair. Exactly there isn’t any difference. I see so
    people with messed up looking short hair. 

  10. Dude iM in the same boat..for all my life I always cut my hair just becuase
    my family were telling me thousand times to dut it,if it wasnt mothe rit
    was grandma,friends..when I turned 30 I said..know what?Im gonna let it
    grow and I DONT GIVE a Sh what anybody says.And Im cool with it going to 3
    years now.There are lot of stereotypes about black men that we all need to
    brake.I dont want my children having to dress a certain way to get
    aproval,wear bling,cut their hair or whatever.Peace bruh

  11. The two answers in here so far gloss over a fundamental reality we as black
    men experience on a daily basis, and it is this:

    Usually, if the head is bald, it’s because the man is ‘losing’ hair or
    ‘balding’ as they say. Aesthetically, depending on the balding pattern,
    it’s best to lose the hair altogether.

    As to why it’s cut short?

    Because there’s an unspoken ‘rule’ created by white supremacy that if
    there’s so much as an inch of hair on your head, you may not or are more
    likely NOT going to be taken seriously for job opportunities if being black
    wasn’t already a barrier enough.

    A LOT of black men cut their hair, not because it’s easier to manage
    (although true but jast as, if not more, expensive then managing black
    hair)…they do it because we’re *forced* to do so against our own consent.

    Of course, we’re not physically forced to cut it or keep it short as it was
    in the physical slave days…but slavery still very much exist on a global
    scale against blacks emotionally, psychologically and mentally.

    Speaking from my own experience, I was literally NOT considered for a
    position at a job at a country club because I had a mohawk, a strip of afro
    going down the middle of my head with the sides cut low.

    The ONLY reason I GOT the job was because I asked about it via email after
    what I knew was a great interview.

    Her reason for stalling the hiring process?

    Because of the *unusual* hair style. A hair style that just so happens to
    be very natural, ethnic and normal in the black community.

    There was nothing *unusual* about the style except for that there was black
    hair on top of my head that was visible.

    Reluctantly, I cut my hair not knowing any better that the comment itself
    was racist to get the job.

    I got the job.

    3 months later a mexican donned the same mohawk I had. When I said to one
    of the managers that I was told NOT to wear the mohawk, the white man said
    in his own words, “What? Black men are not allowed to wear mohawks?”

    Even HE was confused I was told I had to cut it off. He even went so far as
    to ask me who told me this. I chose to keep it confidential. Little did he
    know it was a woman close to the management team.

    After that I literally went in the bathroom to scream out of anger…anger
    for bending to her rule…anger for her forcing my hand to cut my own
    hand…anger at myself for allowing it to happen.

    I grew my hair back out, got my fro-hawk back, and the same woman who told
    me to cut it said, “Oh, you got your mohawk back” — passively complimented
    me about it, and it was business as usual.

    Personally, I love having hair. I’m growing it out now to get mini-dreads
    (think D.L. Hughley).

    I’ve never been a fan of cut hair because looking back the only reason I
    did it consistently was for job purposes. I never took pleasure in cutting
    off my natural hair because I feel my hair is an extension of who I am as a
    black man.

    My hair is like an antenna that connects to higher spiritual powers. It’s
    soft to the touch and sothing as I run my hands through my roots. It’s
    unique and stands out amongst men who are pressured or FEEL presurred to
    cut their hair short even when their personal preference is to let it grow.

    So it comes down to passive aggressive suggestions to KEEP it short,
    because I suspect that white people KNOW the significance of showcasing our
    natural hair.

    It showcases POWER, strength, unity and togetherness.

    Having an afro, dreads and locks wasn’t just a ‘fad’ as they’ll lead you to
    believe. It was the BEGINNING of the black power movement. It symbolizes
    all things black. Hence, the preference for white society to force us to
    keep it short or else your job opportunities are limited.

    This is the SAME reason black women straighten their hair out to look white
    and conform to European standards.

    It’s not neccessarily because they WANT to, it’s because it’s suggested
    they do so for better job opportunities.

    It doesn’t help that black men find beauty in straighter hair over ethnic.

    So there you go.

  12. Good questions; I remember when i was getting married back in 1998 people
    ask are you gonna cut your Dreads, my answer was HELL NO. I had Dreads for
    14 yrs and cut my hair in 2011 but now i have been letting it grow out so i
    can twist it out, not doing dreads again but i miss having long hair. Nice
    video and i like your hair (no homo) lol

  13. One day I combed my big afro and went to a club,I mean a big Jackson 5 afro
    dry with no curls gel or anything.I got every kind of feedback.Some
    laughed,some said how do you have the balls to come out like that? I just
    replied theres nothing special to it.Its just my hair!…Most of the
    feedback came from people that would love to wear it like that but were
    afraid to do so…

  14. You spoke EVERY SINGLE WORD I speak everyday, man. I’ve been growing my
    hair for 2 years now & it’s about 9 or 10 in. long now. I just like it now,
    because I went with haircuts all my life, so I tried out something new.
    Even my dad came to me with the “gay” thing. But I’m very much straight;
    I’m a physically active athlete, I love the ladies, and I’m an aspiring
    entertainer than practices his craft while being a college student. It’s
    just our prerogative to be unique, and I commend you and the rest of us for

  15. its sexism a job cant tell men that they have to have different hair than
    woman that is sexism and illegal because it is discrimination

  16. Because we’re beautiful and they’re a bunch of haters. It’s your hair do
    what you please with it. 

  17. Listen up Black men, we all are one. STAND STRONG FOR THE NATURAL HAIR
    MOVEMENT. I’m speaking to the crowd who is growing their hair or supporters
    of Black men growing their hair. I find it very ignorant that when other
    men that isn’t Black grow their hair it is accepted by society but if we do
    it somehow its deemed as unconstitutional. Society is just sugar coating
    it. Lets speak facts. America’s society only wants to see that fine,
    straight, curly hair looking people. As soon as they see coarse hair having
    men with long hair they look as if we committed murder in the second
    degree. I say my brotha’s, lets not be ignorant to this. One way to fight
    against this without losing sleep is to just keep growing your hair out no
    matter what. UNITY IS POWER. Queen Latifah’s song UNITY spoke the truth.
    You can’t destroy a team when everyone is working the same game plan. The
    only place for a fact that won’t let you grow hair is the military. I’m not
    going there so I’m not worried about that. 

  18. Whenever I grow out my hair around the 2-4 month stage it becomes an afro
    which I absolutely hate is there anyway I can avoid this while growing out
    my hair or do I just power through it?

  19. Omg. THANK YOU. I have being growing my hair out for a bout a year now. So
    many people wanna judge us brothas with lingers hair, without valid reason.
    I’ll be entering college this fall, and my grandma is so worried about me
    losing opportunities due to my hair. And I’m just like “Why?! It’s not
    fake, created, or a distraction. It is my hair, just like I have my own
    arms and legs.” When people discriminate,it’s basically telling me being
    totally true to heritage is not good enough for you. I hope to change this,
    along with guys like yourself! 

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