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25 thoughts on “What Is The Best Hair Treatment for Dry Brittle Hair Ends on African American Hair?

  1. am protein sensitive and have low porosity hair, my hair is very dry and it
    soaks up moisture like the sahara.What products can I use for protein
    treatment and deep conditioning in order to prevent dryness and shedding on
    my hair.

  2. “I hope you weren’t stumbling upon this video to find the secret ingredient
    to fix your hair”…..ehhem…..but i was…..*sits in a corner* im kidding
    i liked your video thanks girl :D

  3. Ladies don’t give up, that dry and brittle problem maybe protein overload.
    You maybe sensitive to this. If you are moisturizing but are still dry.
    Look at the products and check protein ingredients. Knowing your porosity
    also helps. Don’t give up, try products with no protein.

  4. I have tried EVERYTHING. My hair just will not hold any moisture. Cantu
    shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, neutragena triple silk moisturizer,
    olive oil conditioner, tresemme conditioner, EVERYTHING. My hair will just
    not maintain any moisture. Anything I put on my hair just sits ontop of it
    glistening in the sunlight . Even if I were to bob my head into a barrel
    full of oil, my hair wouldn’t hold any of it, it just comes off in my silk
    scarf and feels hard.

    I’m really thinking about just forgetting the natural thing and going to
    get a relaxer, that’s the only way my hair seems to be able to feel like
    hair rather than like a head of the wire scourer you use to clean out your
    dirty pans .. ugh!

  5. I need help with products to buy. I’m a single dad and my daughters hair is
    breaking a lot. Are there any products that are recommended?

  6. nice tips helped alot but my tips are very rough and dry my tips are not
    breaking or shedding so should i trim my hair can anyone answer this?

  7. Breanna Rutter ,previous my hair were strong and long and never break
    easily,but it has been two years now are breaking,very dry and bad enough
    they break out from the root because you can see the white thing at the end
    of the broken hair.i have been following some of your instruction with no
    better result .please need more help

  8. Can u give me some help on my 2 year old s hair…it seems to always be
    dry. She has very tight curls. But it looks as though it’s damaged at the
    ends, not sure because of the really curly pattern she has. I feel so bad
    for her because I have no idea what to do for my princess. I get the urge
    to trim the damage but is she too young? And I ve lost confidence in my
    decisions since I haven’t seen any growth in either of our hair so I don’t
    really trust my instincts…please help

  9. Did you remove the recommended organic/natural shampoos you said were
    listed below your video? (I’ve searched and not found any – just a gap)

  10. hi Breanna!

    i am helping my nieces start their natural hair journey. please list the
    sulfate free shampoos that you suggest. thank you sooo much. btw WE LOVE

  11. I think some black women have dryness problems because they don’t cleanse
    their hair as much as their hair needs. Especially if you use mineral oil,
    petrolatum, silicones. Buildup is my number one reason for dryness. Doesn’t
    matter what you put in your hair if you have buildup it does no good. 

  12. Are you wearing a weave…. forgive me if this is an ignorant comment. On
    the brightside if it isnt its a huuuge compliment!

  13. Ty El, she is her own person and there is no reason for her to change the
    definition of who she is, just saying. She gave information freely and
    lovingly. Here is a dime get some manners.

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