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25 thoughts on “WEN Hair Care Twist Set on Natural African-American (Type 3C/4A) Hair

  1. Your hair looks crazy shiny. I love the Fig because it’s very moisturizing.
    So, even though you said your hair was damp in the back, it didn’t puff up.
    You go girl.

  2. Your hair looks beautiful. I have been natural for 10 plus years and I was
    really waiting, till someone “perfected” something for afr. amer. natural
    hair. Now that I have seen your vid, I am really impressed. I’ve seen the
    infomercials on “wen”, and I was really, really, skeptical. I have been
    debating, and decided to go on youtube and see real people, with real
    results. I didn’t want to see any paid actress or whatever, smiling with
    pin straight hair, yadda, yadda, I needed to see Sistas.

  3. @mspunt1 Thank you for your comment. I guess I’ll have to get my hands on
    some of the Fig product then!! 🙂

  4. Thank you for your comment — I’m a bit behind responding (sorry) but thank
    you for your comment! I really like Wen for conditioning and detangling —
    but as I mentioned in the video, I prefer other products (either “Beautiful
    Curls”, Jane Carter Solution, or Kinky Curly) for styling.

  5. Also wanted to say I have a friend that uses the Fig and she loves it. Im
    so stuck on the Cucumber and Aloe that I refuse to try another scent. I
    tell everybody about it cause thats some good stuff.

  6. I hear you! I liked Wen (particularly the cleansing conditioner) but many
    other (less expensive) products work well on my hair too — so explore what
    works for you — hair-wise and money-wise 🙂

  7. Thank you for your comment. When things get busy at work, my video-making
    has to stop, but I hope to post some new ones soon.

  8. Hi, your hair is so gorgeous! I love how the curls are defined, the shine&
    it just looks incredibly conditioned. Chaz Dean has a large AA clientele!
    Yes, the fig is geared towards ethnic, curly hair. I am a HUGE Wen girl& I
    love the Fig! However, I am a big fan of his 613& I have been heavily using
    the Tee Tree right now. Although, all of Chaz’s products keep your hair
    healthy and growing, the Tee Tree is the best one for hair growth! I use
    the TT cleansing conditioner with the TT hair oil!

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