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6 thoughts on “Wen By Chaz Dean Review – Natural Hair

  1. hi ladies. I recently cancelled my subscription. I like the smell of the
    peach one but its not a product I have to have. now that re moist intensive
    hair treatment is amazing. I just used the last of it for a deep

  2. The only reason why I feel like this is a bad review because you didn’t use
    the whole set step by step. Also you need to used it at least a week or try
    even three times in a row … I’m just stating facts

  3. Do you still use this product? DId it dry your hair out? I am scared to use
    mine I have heard some bad things

  4. Wen sucks it don’t work on my hair ion is the best it don’t dry my hair out
    and its silky smooth as for wen it made my my hair feel dirty and greasy
    made my head itch ugh I don’t like wen 

  5. It would have been nice if you’d shown us the final results! Hard to trust
    a review when you didn’t even finish rinsing out the conditioner..

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