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25 thoughts on “Weave vs Natural? The Politics Of Afro Hair

  1. I am not a black woman myself so maybe I should just refrain from voicing
    an opinion…. still I find it quite upsettinng that for half an hour this
    is a topic for conver5sation at the Southbank from all places as if it was
    a discussion about founding solutions to problems like … just say… I
    don’t know famine, lack of clean water, lack of health care of any kind,
    lack of vaccinations for the ebola virus in places like… oh I don’t know
    Africa… it seems hair is an extremely important issue for priviledged
    people living in safety and with everything they might possibly want, so
    much so that what occupies their minds is hair…. OFFS

  2. Weave was not invented for black women. White women especially British and
    french wore wigs and extensions all through out 1700-1800s and longer.
    People are full of crazy nonsense about only black women wearing weaves.
    Every white girl is not wearing their real hair especially celebrities. So
    they hate themselves too right? 

  3. I really enjoyed this discussion- it’s extremely insightful. I’ve also seen
    the second instalment of this discussion which was equally educational.
    However, it would have been interesting to hear men’s views and

  4. they doing a wrong debate topic. there is nothing wrong with weaves what
    they really should be debating is getting relaxers vs. natural hair.
    chemically altering your hair to fit “society standards” put in quotes for
    a reason. 

  5. I think American blacks (and as one) the nasty history of
    discrimination/slavery seeps into so many aspects of life. After moving to
    South Florida and interacting with lots of blacks from around the world I
    admire their freedom from the bondage of “good hair” and “bad hair”……
    But sometimes we have to understand that some things are the way they
    are……and it shouldn’t be that way BUT we can change it slowly by
    changing ourselves and teaching kids how to live outside of these rules! I
    love to challenge the rules!!!! 

  6. This panel didn’t even mention *white supremacy and the white ideal of
    beauty* and just how much it get rammed down all of our throats daily.
    The situation with Black women and the hatred of afro textured hair and the
    never ending pursuit of straight hair either by chemicals or weave.

    White supremacy is global sadly, this panel didn’t even begin to stratch
    the surface or tell the truth really. *It felt like they felt abit self
    conscious, talking about such a sensitive topic in front of white people
    namely white women ….the very people that we are brainwashed into wanting
    to look like.*
    *The **#Misogynoir** continues.*

  7. I think this whole thing is a bit much?…
    It’s just hair lol! There are soo many more important
    issues that plague our community that deserve our attention
    Besides, weaves or hairstyles or whatever are a personal preference
    I mean are we kidding?

  8. I’ve not used weaves, however hairpieces were very ‘in’ during the 70’s,
    and I had a few, there was a fall, for long hair, a cascade, for Grecian
    curls, a wiglet for short and fluffy. I have fairly straight, fine red
    hair. For many years, colored it different shades of red. While going
    through chemo I’ve worn wigs, and as the gray has determined to invade, I
    color it to ‘wash the gray away’… I have no issue with others hairstyles,
    I think it’s all a matter of what you want to do at the time! It’s fun!

  9. The best hair on the planet is Woolly aka NAPPY hair ! WHY ???

    nappy hair is the softest,thickest,strongest,dont smell like dog when it
    gets wet,& cant get LICE !!!

    jesus had wool hair/nappy hair… it is Perfect hair made by GOD.

    so when a black women destroys their perfect God hair, they destroy their
    beauty themselves, to look like white clowns.

    DONT BE A CLOWN black women.

  10. I dont think people should be shamed about their weave either. Im proud of
    all my women who wear their hair natural but DAYUM when a girl wears a
    weave right it look amazing, i bow to their skill. lets not shame them.
    I’ve heard the discussion about curvy versus fit and how fit women were
    being sutrasised about being fit. ’embrace your curves’ some guy would say
    ‘too muscly’ and i was like, that person has obviously put a lot of work
    and dedication into their body cu shes not curvy shes gross? just saying,
    it can work both was . Just let people play by their own rules, we should
    unify in our own uniq identitys, weave or no, curly or straight. Curvy or

  11. Hair is hair come on we are all black… My heritage is not my hair but my
    culture that’s what I’m going to give to my children I respect woman
    doesn’t metter what hair she wear old Egyptian used to shave and wear wig
    they was black !!! That’s not change who they was And what they did we have
    our brother die around the world we doing a topic about HAIR !!! Let’s be
    serious to minute black people are going to be respect by their act !!! Not
    by hair that’s where the respect is from 

  12. This is all so true! We constantly hear the american side of this afro hair
    debate, but what is true for an african american isn’t neccessarily true
    for other black people around the world. I’ve been natural all my life and
    never felt my hair was ‘bad’ and like Natalie Clue said, I only heard of
    these negative connotations and derogatory words like ‘nappy’ from American
    culture online! In fact I’ve always had white people fascinated by my hair,
    and women in african/caribbean hair salons saying my hair was beautiful and
    long, and encouraging their own daughters not to put chemicals in their
    hair so it’d be like mine. We all have different experiences, but having
    straight hair or weave isn’t a bad thing, it’s often good for maintenance
    reasons. Just keep ya hair HEALTHY ladies! 

  13. I agree and like what the lady in the pink said about ppl judging you based
    on your hair. Because I am natural and wear my hair straight and in weaves
    does not mean I have lost my sense of freedom and creativity which are
    terms ppl associate with having Afro hair. I have a problem with the fact
    that an Afro is considered more creative and radical, but my straight hair
    is not the same.. It’s whack and annoying… 

  14. im relaxed and I wear weave, I don’t understand why we this is so popular I
    mean come on, why cant we just be happy for each other, its a personal
    choice and quite frankly its petty we are worried about the next woman
    wearing weave while so many other serious things are going on in the world.
    I mean I don’t wear my own hair because I like to curl my hair often and
    that would kill my strands, I feel as long as our hair is healthy it
    doesn’t matter 

  15. i love their beautiful accents. i love seeing EDUCATED, PROFESSIONAL, BLACK
    WOMEN. i could listen to them all day long

  16. It’s so wonderful to see educated Black women on stage having a calm
    discussion on black hair. Never once did they argue or get loud. They are
    all so beautiful. My 1st favorite was the Journalist on the end with the
    fro. She seems to be very strong women. I love that. And my 2nd favorite
    was the main speaker. She was more calm and she seems to carry herself very
    well. They all are an inspiration and i hope I could meet them one day. I
    live in South Korea and I have had natural hair for 10 almost 11 years now.
    And this gave me motivation to press on forward with my natural hair. Thank
    you so much for this video!

  17. what is good hair???in my opinion good hair is what you were born with
    thick healthy hair if you look after it,all this rubbish about natural hair
    being too hard to handle is only because most of us have had our hair
    plaited & cornrowed by our elders until 12-16 when we are taken to the
    salon to get the hair straightened,then we don’t know what our hair type is
    again until we go back to our natural state that’s what i think any way,
    i have good hair because i’m African :-)

  18. I am confused………why is it we dont appreciate the hair that comes
    naturally from our DNA first and then add weave etc…. Natural Afro Hair
    is not a style like weave, braids and perm its who we are like our dark

  19. I’m an African American woman. I have natural hair, and I wear weaves and
    braids for protective styles. I feel that all women should able to express
    themselves as they see fit. Why should there a divide? Because we’re
    black. That’s closed minded, immature nonsense. As long as you’re truly
    confident I say go for it!! All black is beautiful, no matter the texture
    or shade. Let us uplift one another, and not settle for the standards of

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