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25 thoughts on “WATCH ME DO CROCHET BRAIDS! Invisible Part Method w/ Marley Hair

  1. “Thumbs up” and “SHARE” for more! Here is a demo of how I do crochet
    braids. I tried to include all important info in the video and the
    description, but if you have any questions let me know! THANK YOU for your
    support :)

  2. VERY NICE! You do your Marley Crochet Braids like I do. I only loop once
    just like you do cause when you use the double/triple loop method it
    doesn’t look as realist, plus you chance cutting your hair taking them out.
    Looping once and double tie, as you did makes the hair look more natural.
    LOVE IT!. Only thing I like different is to wear my Marley Braids Short
    as in my profile pic and not as thick for a even more realistic look!

  3. Do u have any pics of the package?!? That would help I like this hair! Is
    it tangly?? 

  4. Did you split up the each section of Marley hair or did you just use the
    regular pre section portion?

  5. I love your clients natural hair AND the hair that you used. Beauuutiful
    work babe!! LOVE it!! xoxo

  6. Why didn’t you use any braiding hair while you were braiding up her natural

  7. Hi do you live in New York please I would love if you could do my hair
    thank you

  8. she has some soft natural hair too my hair grew long while natural but
    nothing I did kept it soft. I couldn’t wear twist outs.i ended up going
    back to the crème crack after 2 years. my hair is to my shoulders but I
    hate it relaxed. hers looks good.

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