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25 thoughts on “Washing Natural Hair Easy Method Terressentials Organic Hair Wash “Natural Hair”

  1. Quick quandary about doing twists in this awesome process.

    So, I’ll be snipping off my sad sad winter-murdered ends, which’ll leave my
    hair about 3.5 inches long (stretched out). Considering this length, should
    I still try to do twists – which I feel will be too many and take a lot
    more time to do – or could I get away with doing some quick n’ dirty
    cornrows? Thanks for any advice ^_^

  2. Some of the annotations are missing/unfinished…IDKW? But great video.

  3. Hi, I love your video tutorials. My roommate and I are both fans of yours.
    We would like to know if you would answer these two questions. How often do
    you actually wash your hair using any method? Also, is this solely your
    hair washing method or do u have others?

  4. Hey +Naptural85 will the mud wash only be effective with organic
    conditioner and styling products? Will I have to change all the products I
    use if I want to start using the mud wash?

  5. Thanks for all your tips and vids!!!
    I’m 12 and have been natural all my life.. however I have only
    learnt how to look after my kinks and coils for about a year now.
    I hope you don’t mind but could you please do a video on air drying
    It seems that no matter what way I go about it my type 4 hair ends up
    (I’m talking APL length shrivelling up to my ear) LOL
    Well thanks again Bye!
    P.s Plz reply!

  6. Disculpa no entiendo mucho el ingles, y me encantaria saber, Qué es lo que
    le estas aplicando a tú pelo?

  7. this was very helpful but what is the mud that i would buy called? and i
    can get it at trader joes right?

  8. You are a great teacher, I love the way you explain every detail of the
    process you are doing. 

  9. Same question as before, what is the name of the mud product? and where can
    I buy it?

  10. My growing hair has the same texture as yours! I still have the relaxed
    ends (about half the length). Luckily the relaxed part curls when wet, so
    it can blend, but it’s so much thinner than the relaxed. I can’t wait for
    my hair to grow, I’ve looked at your heatless blow out, it’s insane! I
    wish once my hair is 100% natural I get the volume you get!!!!

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