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15 thoughts on “Wash And Go On Relaxed Hair Transitioning To Natural Hair + Tips and Tricks ♡ trendyshoppers |Rita|

  1. About 10-15 minutes (so i guess you could say i’m texlaxed since my hair
    never got bone straight)

  2. You should try an avocado and coconut oil deep conditioner if you feel that
    your hair gets dry if you deep condition !! This is very moisturizing and
    your hair will be very soft and shiny !! I will do a video on this btw if
    you want more details !! I deep condition once a week ! 

  3. ORS is the pits for edge control. Lol. Try Hicks. You’ll like it better. I
    have a vid on like 15 diff edge controls if u wanna see other options…..

  4. see thats the thing you can’t use any kind of conditioner to deep
    condition!!! there are some that are specifically made for that, and there
    are protein based and moisture based conditioners and you should be using
    the one that your hair need not just whatever, it will make a great
    different in your hair

  5. Rita, could you do more natural hair/transitioning videos? It’s so great
    finding a girl my age transitioning!

  6. You could try a hair mayonnsaise to get more moisture. You should also try
    the eco styler gel for your edges.

  7. Transitioning is the #struggle I am doing it now and I have about 90% of
    relaxed hair left. Keep going it is totally worth it

  8. We’re twins too! We love twin and/or sister channels. Our hair is relaxed,
    but there are still some tips we can still use. Thanks!

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