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21 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Updo Box Braids

  1. This can definetly be a style for prom… you just want to make sure the
    braider makes the braids small and not too stiff and you can create this
    style effortless. You may always want to look at tree braids, small braids
    with loose human hair that can be curled or styles or crochet hairstyles. I
    have some updo tutorials too. What ever you decide to do I’m sure you will
    look amazing and beautiful. If you have an instagram, please take a pic and
    tag me in it IG name:nappturallychicjere

  2. This is really pretty ! I need an ideal for my pageant Saturday. Would this
    be appropriate ? I need an up style because of my dress

  3. Would that style be appropriate for prom? Im natural and want to grow my
    hair out better w/o much manipulation, im in box braids now, most likely
    ill probably do my whole head over for my prom. I love the style youve
    done!! 🙂 my prom is in june. You think thats a prom style?

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