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25 thoughts on “Twist & Curl Perm Rod Set Hair Tutorial On “Natural Hair” – SimplYounique

  1. This is a beautiful style! I’m a year into wearing my hair naturally and
    not really into the twist outs. I love curls so I’ll definitely try this!

  2. Very nice. My hair is about 2 inches long (trying to grow it back) so I
    want a look that’s decent as it grows. This looks like a style that’s nice
    and healthy and beautiful. I hope it works for me.

  3. Very cute hair style,okay question if you want to wear your hair like that
    again do you have to wear the perm rods over night every time you want your
    hair like that

  4. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I just purchased perm rods a few hours
    again in attempts to search a style on YouTube to aid me in going my hair.
    I am not good at even putting a straight pony tail in my hair, yet this
    tutorial gives me hope! As soon as I send this comment off to wash and prep
    my hair for this style for church and my work week. I also wanted to thank
    you for the night time tips too because I normally wrap my hair without
    bantou knots. Keep posting natural hairstyle tips for beginner dummies like
    me. God bless you and thanks. Btw you are beautiful and so was your hair. 

  5. You are so Beautiful !! And your hair came out really nice. Thank you for
    making this video, I am going to try this :)

  6. my stylist told me it is possible but the results may not be what you are
    looking for. You will also damage your hair because of the additional

  7. nice hair!! yes this is a nice tutorial!! my hair is short wonder if my
    hair will look like yours!! nice!!!

  8. love this style but it never comes out right for me. im going to try again.
    where did you get the necklace though? its fab 🙂

  9. Love your videos! Could you please tell the name of the rollers you are
    using? I am from the UK and cannot find them in any of our BSS. Please
    share any sites I can purchase.

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