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25 thoughts on “[Tutorial] 3 Quick Styles for Short Natural Hair!

  1. I’ve been struggling to find a nice style with short hair and this tutorial
    really helped. THANK YOU!!

  2. Thank you Lol , I’ve been looking for styles to do on my hair … and I
    like the last one !!

  3. Have you done any videos on the products you used to keep your hair healthy
    and the techniques you used for growth.

  4. Hey love your hair. I have natural kinky African afro and my hair does go
    down even when i use the eco style gel. what do you recommend?

  5. How did you mostly wear your hair when you did the big chop? because I cut
    my hair in August and I’m not really comfortable with the length because
    I’m so use to long hair @TheChicNatural

  6. I really enjoy watching short natural hair transform into style I would
    have never thought of I am trying this when I get home thank you!! :)

  7. these styles are nice, if only they cud just stay that way for the entire
    day without frizzing or looking dry

  8. Hi Girl,

    Really love your hair styles and i really think you pretty. I just want to
    know what basic products you us for your hair: Shampoo, conditioner?


  9. I think you look better than Nikki Minaj :-)….Thank you for all the hair
    inspiration. My natural hair is still so new to me even though I am 1yr
    natural. I am recovering Frm Chemo and all my hair came out but it grew
    back nice n fine like when I was a baby. All I ever done was wear wet n
    go….I did try to wear box braid extensions….which was an epic fail,
    they were beautiful but too long and heavy.. I took them out in 2wks and a
    lot of my hair came out I will never do that again.

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