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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips to Grow Out Long HEALTHY Hair

  1. Hey ladies what is the name of that leave in conditioner you guys use in
    your hair? I’m sorry I did not catch the name of it in the video.

  2. Heh girls awesome video! But I have a question… What about girls that
    relax their hair ? Can it still grow strong with the relaxer use ? Thanks !

  3. This hair video has really helped me understand how to make my hair a lot
    healthier, longer, and stronger. The best by far hair care video for black
    women to watch. Especially because we have the same type of hair and the
    thickness of our hair. Amazing. My only concern is that I dyed my hair
    burgundy and the color is just now coming out and it has been 7 months now.
    Should I be concerned? Can I get some other tips also about how often I
    should go to the hair salon and how to get my hair back to it’s natural
    curly hair? One last thing is about washing my hair. I use a 2 in 1 shampoo
    and conditioner bottle. Should I use a separate shampoo an a separate

  4. What’s the name of the leave in conditioner, I replayed and tried to listen
    and look harder at the bottle to no avail and I didn’t see the name
    mentioned in the description
    Thank you

  5. Another thing people dont keep in mind when it comes to biotin is that you
    have to actually be taking care of your in order to see results! I’ve seen
    girls eat crappy & neglect their hair & be like, “these pills dont work”.
    It’s like wearing a waist trainer, not working out and expecting to see
    results -.-

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