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  1. Cute video, cute girl. The best keratin treatment for African-American hair
    is. In terms of effectiveness, humidity resistance, and longevity, it is
    superior to anything sold by Sally’s, drugstores, or retail outlets because
    it’s the same professional grade used in salons and normally costing
    $250-500 per treatment. But you can use for $8-20, depending on hair length
    and thickness. Lasts 3-5 months.

  2. @winiver77 Yaayyy! Hope it works for you! Take your time with the small
    sections too. Let me know how it comes out!

  3. THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!! I need to get some grapeseed oil and I now know
    that I need to comb out those crinkles so my hair won’t be crunchy and
    lumpy! I am so glad that I saw this becuase I was ready to go and pay
    someone but NOT NOW!! THANKS AGAIN!

  4. looks great she did a great job! Question: When you were using your tangle
    teezer & brush to comb thru to your ends before using the flat iron – was
    the grape seed oil applied to your hair 1st?

  5. put the brush on your hair and run the flat iron while the brush is on your
    hair is works just a lil better especially if its a bristol comb plus it
    make your hair really soft ( any hair)

  6. @msthicknessMD Hey Love! Welcome and thanks for the love! When I snipped
    during my transition, it was a relief b/c it stopped the straight ends from
    tangling like they like to do. Relaxed hair seemed easier to trim than
    natural hair LOL No runaway curls to deal with. I don’t have a video on
    that, nor do I know of one. I’m gonna have to learn too b/c We just found
    out we don’t have any hairdressers 2 trust 2 do it 4 us. Let me know if u
    find a video LOL Thx 4 message doll ;o) tia

  7. @SunkissedQTee Thanks for the message Love! Yes, gotta be careful with
    letting other people put heat. Let them explain to you what they plan to do
    first (temperature, products, etc.) Ain’t nothing wrong with that b/c when
    they are gone home, you are left with the aftermath of heat damaged hair!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours! –tia

  8. Using a fine tooth comb (rat tail comb) gets the ends of the hair really
    straight too. As you flatiron each piece, drag the comb down w/ the

  9. I don’t make comments on any videos(usually in lurk mode lol)…but, I had
    to say I really enjoyed watching this video!! The relationship that you
    have with your daughter is inspiring. 🙂

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