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7 thoughts on “| tips & tricks | Natural 4A TWA – Coil Outs, Wash and Go’s, 2nd Day Hair etc.

  1. +MsMakeupLover78 – That’s untrue. Any essential oil will irritate skin if
    not diluted properly. Look up Robert Tisserand as well as many others that
    dispel this myth. Likewise…I have used lavender oil in my skin and body
    care for years without issue. It may irrate some…as with anything…but
    it’s not a universal skin irritant or allergrn. 

  2. I am loving your natural hair vids. It is very informative to me bc I am
    almost 1 year into my transition. I enjoy the time you put into your vids,
    also, I am loving your eyelook. What are you wearing?

  3. I’m loving your natural hair. I have been the same way about my natural
    hair every since I started wearing it in the public. 

  4. very informative video greatly appreciated…. I’m actually in just about a
    year…about a week or so on my anniversary. I’m so happy that I chose to
    go natural as well. I’m still learning and actually just used my “AS I AM”
    coconut cowash, leave in conditioner and twist defining cream. Crossing my
    fingers for a successful twist out. Tge cowash and leave in conditioner was
    AWESOME. tfs your journey

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