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25 thoughts on “Tips on Coloring Natural Hair w/ Ursula Stephen, Celebrity Hairstylist

  1. I’m an electrician so I get how pros feel some kinda way about novices but
    my stylist gave me the side eye when I said henna too. she even told me to
    stop even though I don’t want color. she just doesn’t like it but it helps
    my shedding, moisture and breakage so my monthly treatments can’t stop just
    because she doesn’t like it. if u do ur own wiring u could burn down ur
    house and hurt people. if ur a kitchen beautician u just burn off ur hair
    then call rpg show. no biggie. I know it’s about making money but it comes
    across as all about making money. ijs. I enjoyed everything else she said

  2. I’ve been using reshima henna for years,and I’m using the burgundy color or
    plum…. There are so many different colors to choose from when dying you
    hair with henna. The only difference is,it might take you a few
    applications to get it where you want your color to be and I put mine
    through a shifter to get out little twigs and particals.

  3. There’s a discussion on IG about Mini Marley’s photo, I would love for you
    to do a video on hair textures and whether your face has anything to do
    with having healthy /beautiful hair……

  4. Sooo, I’ve had this jar of Manic Panic Purple Haze in my cupboard since
    May. I keep saying I’ll colour it soon but lawd…. me hair so dry!! I’m
    really afraid of breakage esp. since my hair is just starting to grow out
    from a colour induced BC last year. Still trying to find the right
    moisturising products for my hair.
    But Jouelzy have I missed a video or have to been holding out on us 4cs
    with this henna story?!

  5. Most folks dont know tht you’re talking to one of the biggest masterminds
    behind so many trends over the years. Whether it be Rihanna, Keyshia Cole,
    or K. Michelle

  6. I color my hair with SPLAT! Berry Blast every 4-6 weeks 😀 I only lightened
    it once (the first time I colored it purple) so when I “re-color” I just
    use the color bottle. I deep condition while coloring and with every wash
    so my hair is never dry. 

  7. Very informative. Loved it. I can’t wait to dye mine again–I’m trying to
    lighten it gradually like she said. 

  8. I’m a henna head too! I’ve been using it for maybe 3 years now and I love
    the reddish brown color it gives me but I would like a few highlights. I
    wish I would’ve researched before hand but my gray hairs were in need of
    henna treatments lol 

  9. Natural women are not going to just let themselves go grey at 40…. So,
    when some say they don’t like colour because it’s not
    “natural”…well…wait ’till they hit 40.

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