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6 thoughts on “Tips for Natural Hair in the Military

  1. Alot of people have thier own sentiments about how natural hair “looks” if
    the gunny you had a run in with said your hair was “ugly” that’s her
    opinion… if you like it that’s all that matters. At least the fact that
    she thought it was “ugly” didn’t cloud her judgement as a leader and she
    siad it was in regulation. I am in the Army so I don’t know much about the
    Marine dress and appearance standars; however the key is to the know the
    regulation for yourself. Keep your head up!

  2. TY. And yes marines have different regs. but i have one year left on this
    contract im switching over to the army after this. indeed opinions are
    opinions…ty for the support.

  3. Humm… that’s good to know. I’m going to read up on the regulations from
    other branches just so that when I get questions I’m not giving them the
    wrong answer. I’m sure the braids are cute though. You can do them the same
    as twists (just might take a lot longer)

  4. woooow, what branch are you in? i am in the marine corps, and i been
    getting talked down on about my hair for since i been natural. i was told
    by a black lady gunny that my hair is in regulation however it is ugly and
    i needed to get a wig. among other things from other people. the winter
    time is coming up and so i decided to put my hair in braid extentions and
    they seem to love it! but hate my natural hair and are not afriad to tell
    me that.

  5. Please post more videos, I enjoyed the tips and will implement them in my
    hair regiment. I am also in the military and as a DS I get funny looks
    because of my natural hair but could care less because they won’t approach
    me and speak what’s on their mind! Thanks again for the vids!!!!

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