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19 thoughts on “Tip #155: 5 Ways to Boost Immune System Naturally (Kids w/ Attitudes)

  1. Great tips !!! In Summer I prefer to have a glass of lemon water or coconut
    water in the morning. In winter/summers night I have green tea with tulsi
    leaves, black pepper, cinnamon powder, Ginger & 2 dates. I really enjoy
    this green tea infusion & it helps my digestion & health….I hope you have
    an awesome day 🙂 <3

  2. Love this video!!! My hospital is starting to get a bit lively with all
    the sickies….Tis the season…Hope your doing well Rob~Keep taking those
    vitamins! Great tips as always!!

  3. Another easy tip for keeping your immune system strong is getting your
    vitamin d level checked. Doctors don’t check vitamin d in normal blood
    work, you have to request it specifically….weird I know. Considering in the
    winter months a lot of people become deficient because of lack of sunshine.
    I was deficient and didn’t know it and was getting colds constantly. I had
    mine checked- got my levels up with a prescribed pill and I haven’t been
    sick in years. Even while being surrounded by people who were zombie sick
    this season. My husband hasn’t been sick in years either, came down with an
    awful cold- I forced him to have the dr check his vit d and he ended up
    being deficient! Not something a lot of people think about, but being
    deficient can lead to a lot of scary things besides colds. It’s something
    people should know more about. Good tips- I always look forward to your
    silly yet informative videos. I absolutely love them <3 and i'm definitely
    going to start adding ginger to my daily tea!

  4. Loved this Rob! Great tips! I boil ginger with my tea and sweeten it up
    with Honey. I like using Blueberry Honey. Also in the morning I drink Hot
    Water with Lemon and Honey. All the tips you mentioned my mom made me do
    all those things growing up – I used to hate it…but now as an adult I do
    it all the time lol 

  5. I’m trying to get myself addicted to tea seeing as my caffeine addiction is
    getting out of hand (relying too much on mother) and one that stood out is
    cinnamon tea. Cinnamon is my absolute favourite spice so I’m excited to try
    it. Is similar to crandberry juice with its benefits and is potent in
    antioxidants and a great way to boost your immune system. To keep me awake
    I may try chai tea which contains cinnamon in it 🙂 You can even get ginger
    tea but that is more for sleeping time 

  6. thank you rob , for me I just drink a lot of natural orange juce and herbal

  7. Love this! My husband is a teacher and I have a 7 year old. There is all
    sorts of crap coming into this house. Gonna start adding a few of these to
    our days. <3

  8. Great tips Rob but you forgot one zinc, It also helps boost your immune

  9. Lots of twisted tongues in this video… Oh well! That makes it even more

  10. I meant great tip ..an your videos make me laugh u look lik a doctor in tha
    beginning of ur video cool

  11. Great tips 😉 quick question, I don’t have raw ginger right now all I have
    is ginger powder. Would that be the same if I added to tea? I’ll try it but
    I thought I ask if you have try it that way :)

  12. I love drinking orange tea with honey and ginger. Also blueberry juice
    since it’s loaded with antioxidants. 

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  14. Hey Robert! I was wondering if you have any DIY(s) from growing lashes and

    Much thanks!! :D

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