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25 thoughts on “The Sexy Boy-Girl Quick Weave by Tameka King

  1. Give Tameka a Call 903.255.7888 she is Located in Texarkana,Texas 2hours
    from Dallas,Texas

  2. One word : Ratchet. How can any1 find this hairstyle attractive or natural
    looking? I’m perplexed….

  3. this is nothing less than pure artistry i myself being a cosmetologist for
    21 years do not service the type of clientele that would wear these type
    styles but i tell you i love they way our black community expresses itself
    through hair and a lot of this is not taught in school but a gift given by
    God i have seen women balding due to medical issues be truly lifted up in
    their spirit by some of these hairstyles God bless you and keep going girl
    thanks for sharing your gift 

  4. This is soooo laid, love it, I’m loc’d, but if I wasn’t, I could see myself
    wearing this, not the colors but, great work . :-)

  5. She did a good job on this. The style is not something I would personally
    wear but growing up in a hair salon with my mom I know what it takes to do
    a lot of these styles and it’s hard work. Whether you like the style or
    not, you can’t deny it takes talent. Her client seemed very pleased so
    that’s all that matters.

  6. The short side looks amazing! The long/medium/colorful side looks very

  7. WHAT? is that what you black people do….dam that’s a shame all fake like
    all of you guys… 

  8. You truly are gifted in your craft. God Bless you and your creativity! I
    love what you created it’s simply beautiful and amazing!!! You are
    definitely a talented stylist!!! You can style me anytime!! May God always
    Bless you and your gifted eyes and hands for your ongoing creativity!!!!

  9. New subby I’m natural but I still love a quick due looking for inspiration
    “FOUND IT”:-)

  10. You did and a great job! have to try this.What kind of clippers did you

  11. I love the short look but don’t like the long Goldie locks curl piece
    hanging down. 

  12. Had it been all black and shaved down all the way around yea it would have
    been nice, BUT this is just ratchet

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