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25 thoughts on “THE PONY HAWK | Natural Hairstyle

  1. Good morning +TheChicNatural you have the best videos on you tube! I thank
    you for all your tutorials. You’re very patient and take excellent care of
    your hair. Thank you for showing the hair and product’s you use:-) I’m so
    proud of you. How long can you leave crochet braids in before they become
    tangled? What’s the fastest way of taking them out? Have a blessed day!
    Bless those hands!

  2. I AM JUST ASKING! Is the hair you had in the begginig of the video your
    natural hair? Or is it relaxed or something??

  3. I did this hairstyle before but I love how you did your curls! I have to
    try this hairstyle again. Thank you for the inspiration. #Flawless 

  4. Your videos are always great. You make it look so easy! It’s hard for me to
    stretch my thick hair. What do you recommend? 

  5. Cute style, going to try it on my daughter. By the way What lashes are you
    wearing would love to try them as well?

  6. Where can I buy the stuff you put on your hair nd what’s the name of it ❓❓
    I love your hari

  7. Hi Kim, I love your videos. I’m so glad you asked for request 😀 while I
    was watching this video I was thinking you should do like one of those 1940
    glam styles your eyes are so pretty, I could just imagine how nice you
    would look in an up do and some jewel or bead jewelry. Either way I love
    your videos they give me ideas for me and my girls. take care

  8. I came across one of your videos and I had to subscribe. I’ve been watching
    you for 2 months now and I couldn’t comment on none of them because it said
    I had to create a channel. I dont know if i Even did that right, but now I
    did that and I’m trying to see if you made a tutorial on how to go from
    relaxed to natural I searched your channel I did not see it I don’t know if
    you can do one since you been natural for awhile. I’ve been watching a lot
    of videos but I am not really liking some of them. I know everything that I
    see you do you do it well. So if I’m going to make this transition I want
    to make the transition with somebody that knows what they’re doing. Can you
    please make a tutorial or suggest a video. Thank you

  9. OMG this is such a perfect style for little girls. I’m definitely going to
    try this on one of my clients. Thanks for sharing!

  10. How do you get your natural hair so straight? I didn’t do the chop so do
    you think this style will work on me with a small proportion of my relax
    ends remaining? It will be great for me being that I can not braid

  11. I tried to recreate this style on IG. I just didn’t get my parts as defined
    as you. Check out my IG : bellebodybutta please thanks Kim. 

  12. The hair style is very beautiful. I wanna try it, can you give me the
    various name of the product please? I know it’s entwine. But I can’t find
    it in my local beauty supply. So I wanna try different products. So I just
    need the kind. Thanks very much. You are very good at what you do.

  13. Hi! First off, I love the vid!!! I plan on doing this to my 5 year old’s
    hair. I was curious about the perm rods. Is there a reason you used two
    different kinds or are they the same size but just different colors? I’m
    going to go to the beauty supply store today that’s why I’m asking lol =)

  14. I love your video’s. I’ve been natural for almost 5 years and I have a hard
    time coming up with hairstyles. But your channel helps me out. To
    moisturize what will be a good moisturizer I can use for my hair?

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