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22 thoughts on “The Perfect Winter Wash and Go Method for “Natural Hair”

  1. I did this method and I absolutely loved it! What I did was wash and
    condition my hair. After I was done washing my hair, I soaked up the excess
    water with a t-shirt. Then I sectioned my hair off, 5 twists for each side
    like Whitney said. Then I applied cantu leave in conditioner to each
    section then sealed in all the moisture with some avocado butter, then I
    twisted up the section. This in all took me only TEN MINUTES. That’s pretty
    darn awesome. I applied perm rods to the ends of my twists but you don’t
    have to. Then I allowed my twists to dry overnight. My hair looked awesome
    the next day! It was super soft and defined and I didn’t even use any type
    of gel or holding product. If you love quick styling, then I would totally
    recommend this! 🙂 Thanks Whitney, for all your awesome hair styles! 

  2. As someone who just CANNOT get a twistout to work on my hair ever (for more
    length), this hybrid wash and go was AWESOME! I washed with Tresseme
    naturals conditioner and also sprayed with a mix of Tresseme conditioner
    and water before twisting. That gave me a nice big curly look the next day.

    So I decided to experiment even further – the next time I did it more like
    a regular wash and go. After I got out the shower, I went section by
    section, sprayed with my Tresseme and water mix, then added some Scurl wave
    gel (makes my curls pop), some eco styler gel (for hold), and grape seed
    oil(for moisture). That made my curls pop a lot more in each section, then
    I did the usual 2strand twisting as in this video but I twisted very
    lightly to leave my curl definition in there. My goal was more length for
    my wash and go yet plenty of curl definition AND no wet hair in the

    It’s a little more work and looks different than the original but Yeup!
    That worked too! Now I have TWO “do at night” wash and go looks for more
    length and no wet hair the next day. Awesome! Thank you!! 🙂

    P.s. The version I did with styling products does take longer to do AND to
    dry but I’m about to try your 5-day wash & go night routine and if it lasts
    a week hey, that’s more than worth it! Thanks for that video too! :)

  3. Great tut, Whit! I use a similar method for my wash and goes but I do use
    gel and cowash with Tresseme Naturals conditioner rather than the mud wash.
    I get awesome results that last the whole week :)!

  4. Miss tequila shot.
    My hair is nappy curly and coarse.
    I define it that way because It is and I love it, nappy is a good thing in
    my eyes.
    My hair isn’t dry and curly that wasn’t the issue it’s more of a I need
    help styling it.
    I have a host of products that moisturized, refine curls, condition etc.
    but my hair is stubborn it won’t cooperate with my clueless self.
    I’m learning to care for it but it’s going to take time.
    I’ve had chemicals in it for decades and I’m only two years out of a big
    Thanks for your advise.
    Any help is a welcome I love these tutorials. 

  5. It does work with regular conditioner I do recommend 4c and 4b hair to do
    this (4b mostly) I have 4b and it worked well 

  6. Huggs & kisses extremely excited about loving on my hair this year…ready
    for my fro to flourish

  7. I will try this because I like ur look and ur hair is similar to mine tho
    twist outs never work on my hair. I have try the T shirt drying and it’s
    way better than with a towel. I will let u know how it goes.

  8. You are too beautiful! Sorry, I’m a 24 year old black man and this is one
    of the few places where i get to see natural black women lol. 

  9. I tried it and loved it! It works great with normal conditioner too ^^
    thank you soo much perfect school style cause I can do it at night :)

  10. More like wash and twist and go to bed get up in the morning untwist and
    go. Lol. But I get that it gives the wash and go look. Nice!

  11. It just won’t hold my curls in front but the sides are doing much better.
    I moisturizer regularly and have to use gel in front and the curls last a
    short time.
    It’s annoying I just might make extensions by adding a small piece where
    the curls deflate.
    I’m a clueless mom. 

  12. I’ve tried this twice and I either get frizzy hair or it doesn’t dry fast
    enough . I’m gonna try it again tonight but if doesn’t come out right I’m
    giving up :(

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