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25 thoughts on “THE BEST NATURAL LOOKING WIG EVER!! Vanessa Half Wig La Efrah

  1. What happened to wig!! So sad to report that the manufacturer has changed
    the quality of the LA Efrah wig. It’s uneven, and not as full. Has anyone
    else experienced this? 

  2. Zoe also said she saw you a long time ago. She was a baby that time when
    she saw you. These are her exact words, lol!

  3. Is the express hair LA JAY the same hair pattern as the la efrah? Is it
    just longer?

  4. The wig is not the same as in your link. Did you poof it out a lot or
    something? Take a look at the link. It’s different.

  5. I luv it! I found the site and will be ordering one later on this week. I
    will also be fluffing and shaping the wig to personalize it for me. Thnxs
    for the video 🙂

  6. Wooow it looks soo real!!! Definitely getting this!! Thank youu for the
    video !! You are so beautiful btw 🙂

  7. thanks hun.. I checked out your videos a while back and always checking for
    new ones. so i do support u hun.

  8. I luv the wig and I like when people wear it so that it appears natural.
    The wig is believable and so close to your natural hair type. Thanks for
    sharing your secret.

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