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25 thoughts on “The Best Deep Conditioner for MY Natural Thin Hair!!!!!

  1. Finally! Someone else with thin, natural hair. I have never had thick hair
    and since I have been wearing it natural, it breaks off and sheds so bad:(
    I am going to pick this up and try it tonight. I have tried the monoi line
    which did seem to help the breakage at first, but, it leaves my hair so
    dry. I guess i may be looking for a product to pair with it so I can hold
    on to what little hair I have. Thanks for being here and I am subscribing!

  2. 1. youre hair is adorable! i love it!!!! and great product review. i dont
    have thin hair but i want to try it anyway. i wonder if i can use it as a
    leave in or something? shea moisture has never failed me lol

  3. I love this product too! I alternate weekly between this and the deep
    treatment masque. I’m realized that my fine thin hair responds well to a
    regular light protein regimen. A lot of naturals believe that protein isn’t
    needed. If you have fine hair it definitely is needed so your strands won’t
    snap like a twig

  4. i’m glad you like this. My hair doesn’t like that mask but loves the Deep
    Treatment Mask and the clarifying mask.

  5. Just found your channel and my hair is very similar to yours. Been “wiggin”
    it but now I’m ready to start growing out my short hair. Bought the Shea
    Moisture masque and I love it…smell, conditioning and even the price
    isn’t so bad as it should last quite a while at my hair’s current length.
    About to subscribe and watch more of your videos!

  6. I have naturally thin hair too. I’m not natural but I use a texturizer to
    slightly loosen my coils. I love this mask!!! It’s definitely the best
    protein dc I’ve found for my hair. I don’t use it on a weekly basis because
    my hair tends to respond to protein negatively if I use it too often so I
    use it about every 3 weeks to once a month.

  7. Great video. I wish you would do more natural hair videos. Oh your almost
    up to 70,000 Beautiful Dreamers!!! CONGRATS!

  8. Great review!!Do you experience thinning on your edges by wearing wigs as a
    protective style?

  9. Love this product. I don’t use it anymore for deep conditioning I use it as
    my creme in the LOC method. My hair has responded well since using as a
    cream styler. It’s soft and manageable. I got the idea from Naturalme4C on

  10. Your hair is a mirror of mine which is so rare here on You Tube amongst the
    natural hair community. Please keep the posts coming with tips, product
    recommendations and styles. I am a new subbie and I look forward to taking
    this journey with you. 

  11. Yes so true, I have thin hair as well and I’m am learning to embrace what I
    have… I am going to have to try this (:

  12. Love your hair, I too have very fine/thin hair,I’m going to try it,I have
    been watching you channel for a while now and I really like the way you are
    in your video, I had no choose but to scribe because you have help me so
    much thank you,keep up the good work.

  13. Hair looks great! A Must Try Product for my Fine Hair. Shea Butter is my
    1st love when it comes to hair products. I ‘ve created my own Shea Moisture
    (whip) smoothie using coconut milk vs coconut oil or cream, #WorksPerfect
    Q: Did you use the product in the video to achieve that Style? Thanx

  14. You may regrow your own hair in a natural way within 6 months, without pay
    lots of money for surgery & expensive treatment

  15. Aww I have fine hair too I tried that product a while back and it was
    horrible my hair was super batted I thought I was gonna have to cutoff my
    hair again lol

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