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25 thoughts on “Styled by westNDNbeauty| Twist, Roll, & Braid Natural Hair Updo Tutorial

  1. how long have you been natural?. am 18 months now and seem to have a long
    way to go. want to know just for encouragement. thanks

  2. Stay in the game and don’t give up. Your hair is growing, it seems like it
    is not because you do it and see it all the time.

  3. hi ,lov it .i have decided to go on natural hair ,but i cannot cut totally
    i prefer to cut gradualy. is it ok? can you help me with a product i can
    use. i have not got a thick hair n that is one of my reason to not relax my
    hair anymore.thxxx

  4. Hi Yolande! Gradually trimming your hair is perfectly fine. Regarding
    products, it may be helpful to find out what others are using who you think
    have a similar hair type and start from there. Finding what works for you
    can be totally tricky and expensive. I tend to look at the first few
    ingredients of a product and decide whether it is worth the try considering
    I know what ingredients work well with my hair (i.e.- cocoa butter)

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