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25 thoughts on “Spring Hair, Makeup and Outfit! | Get Ready With Me

  1. I put a Fall makeup tutorial up last week so I figured I may as well
    dedicate this weeks video to my lovely viewers in the Southern Hemisphere!
    (That’s not to say you still can’t rock this look though if you are
    currently in Fall / Autumn) Love, Asha 

  2. I Love this video! love when people have really well thought out videos and
    its obvious when they’ve put time and effort into what they put up! much
    love to you x

  3. How long does summer last in Australia? It’s fascinating because in the
    states it’s going into winter as you know haha I really wanna visit some
    day 🙂 x 

  4. where do you buy the majority of your make up? i struggle finding much in
    aus. plus it’s all super expensive here.

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