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25 thoughts on “Secrets People With Thick Hair Won’t Tell You

  1. i’m a product of a interracial relationship so my hair is really long thick
    and curly…

  2. I tell people this ALL the time. they’re like “I wish I had thick hair like

  3. Thick hair is so pretty. I have hair like the girl in the tumbnail and I
    wish it was thicker. Girls with big curly hair are the luckiest girls in
    the world.

  4. My hair is thick and takes an hour and a half to wash and some of my
    friends wash their hair every day and I’m just like GURL HOW DO YOU DO IT?!

  5. Lol these are all pretty much true. The humidity one is more if you have
    curly hair though and some thick haired lasses don’t straighten their hair
    so they have no flat irons.

  6. I have VERY THICK long wavy hair and am in a love-hate relationship with it

  7. Another secret. We’ve all seriously considered shaving our heads at one
    point or another. Or is that just me?

  8. I think this should be changed to “secrets people curly, thick hair don’t
    tell you” because I have VERY think hair and I only have two of these
    problems… Maybe because I actually brush my hair or something or maybe
    it’s just because I have straight thick hair, idk.

  9. Too bad black women with this hair type has been trained to hate their hair

  10. and the worst thing: controlling it in the wind is like having a fight with

  11. I find it funny how white people are now stalking my account. I hope you
    realize that I created over 30 google accounts trying to get free shit.
    Good luck finding them all losers.

  12. Most thick hair does not grow fast since the ends are tangled and coarse
    there’s more shedding and hard for it to grow long. 

  13. 1. It only applies to curly/frizzy hair. I have flat straight hair and it
    stays straight no matter what I do. (I can only dream about having curly
    hair once for a party as they flatten out in like half an hour after
    curling them)
    2. Seems more like a health issue, not thick hair issue. Thick hair don’t
    shed more than normal hair, it’s just more obvious when there are long
    thick hairs everywhere rather than just fine hair that is kind of
    3. Again, applies to wavy/curly hair. I have straight hair and don’t need
    any flat irons.
    4. Hair growth is not in correlation with hair thickness. These are two
    separate things.
    5. This one is kind of right. You do need a lot of hair conditioner.
    6. Again, applies to curly/frizzy hair. Straight hair doesn’t hold ANYTHING
    in. Not even hair clips, hair ties or other hair accessories.
    7. This one is right. Thick hair with good cut looks AMAZING!

  14. The reason why black people wear weaves or braids is because we can’t wake
    up every morning and start to comb our hair, or put all this product in it.
    It’s so thick and it’s too hard to manage so we get something easier to
    manage like Asian hair weaves. Those are easy lol. You comb and you’re
    done. That’s not the case when it comes to being a black girl lmao. When
    you can run a comb through your hair without breaking it, you’re fine. 

  15. I’ve got the thinnest hair out of anyone in my life and I would give
    anything to have thick hair regardless of these little drawbacks. 

  16. Thick doesnt necessarily mean frizzy, Buzzfeed.. I have *really* thick
    straightish/curly hair

  17. girls with longer hair is an advantage if you are going to doggystyle her
    because you will be able to grab her and ride her like a cowboy *arghhh*

  18. thick hair does not grow fast for me haha

    but nothing worse than having short thick black people hair because its
    hard to deal with and its annoyinggg

  19. haha Oh God! yes to growing too fast and humidity… but that’s about it

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