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25 thoughts on “Seasonal Beauty Tips: Summer to Fall Tutorial | Real Techniques

  1. +realtechniques ****Would love to know the lipliners and lipstick/gloss
    used in this tutorial**** Thank you!!! ;)

  2. What was that lip liner you first used? Thanks! Oh and maybe you could get
    your picture in the intro too. 🙂 i saw sam, and i was waiting for you to
    come into the intro. Hihi… Just a suggestion. I love your new brushes,
    but i currently cant find them and get them from where i am. But i’ll find
    a way soon. 🙂 lovely look nic. Love the lips. :)

  3. I wish she would tell us all the products she used and mentioned or at
    least put them in the description, beautiful tutorial x

  4. Fantastic looks, both the summer and the fall version. Could you please
    make a list of products used in the description bar?

  5. Hey, Nic! I am in California and I want to purchase Nic’s Picks, but I have
    not seen them anywhere! I hope they’re not limited edition :(

  6. i literally cant believe how stunning the look was to begin with the summer
    makeup i neeeed to know what was used i cant find the tutorial for it? if
    anyone has any idea please let me know!

  7. I love that you spoke to deeper skin as well. I think its great that you
    guys do that, I really don’t think many people do. Thanks!

  8. You should make a Rosie Huntington-Witeley makeup tutorial on are newest
    picture/makeup! You look very amazing and remind me of her with the
    contouring and all of that :). love from Canada x

  9. this hair color is just gorgeous on you. The coloring is perfect for you
    skin tone and eyes. Simply stunning, chic yet natural

  10. Thank you so much for showing alternatives to gel liner (my small deep set)
    eyes don’t allow for gel liner – great vid xo

  11. What was the contour/bronzer/highlighter compact? Been looking for that
    with no luck 

  12. Looove that lip colour! Oh and Nic where from did you get that big green
    stoned ring?? I looked everywhere for that coloured ring and i just had no
    luck :((

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