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25 thoughts on “@SamuelLJackson Has A Challenge For Rich Black Celebrities #ICantBreatheChallenge

  1. Yall stop telling me Dru Hill took the challenge, its good they did but
    they NOT famous no more. Lets be real. lol.

  2. Rich black people are cowards and concerned only for their best interests.
    They’re just slaves with money living on a modern day plantation, afraid to
    upset massa. 

  3. Robert, I can’t wait for your video on these two white cops that just got
    killed today in retaliation to them killing us. Personally, I got a smile
    on my face. Their chicken just came home to roost.

  4. Because black celebs have handlers bro … Someone to keep them in check if
    they speak out they risk thier wealth

  5. Of course white people are calling Sam Jackson “racist”. The new racism is
    calling black people racist for talking about racism.

  6. Lmfao you killed me.. ” Lou Gehrig disease.. omg lou gehrigs disease..
    taking over the world”., Right though. Smh. Mainly affects white old men.
    Everybody dumping ice. No one taking this challenge.

  7. Dru Hill and new singers Jessie J and Luke James are the only ones I saw
    that did the challenge. What a shame, black people can’t do this challenge
    because it’ll get Massa angry.

  8. Any black people care to read an opinion from a white teenager? (wrote this
    first and then thought it would be interesting to gauge responses)

    I wish people, white or black, could just love each other, man. It’s so
    simple and yet seems so impossible in the world we live in. I’m white. I
    can see people I love, my family, brush issues like racism aside and it’s
    infuriating because it’s so obvious that until issues of predisposed racial
    prejudice and race relations are addressed we can’t move forward. I think
    that the next generation is much more aware and willing to admit to the
    status of these issues, and that when the heads of the current system are
    replaced we’ll see some radical changes.

    I’m not saying corruption and hatred will be stamped out, but I seriously
    think that we’re moving in the right direction. Even if we’re barely
    crawling forward, it’s a start.

  9. You’re a walking contradiction. You say on one hand that blacks killing
    themselves is out of control, but on the other hand you say that we should
    focus on white cops. Of course black celebrities cannot sing this song
    because they rely on the cops to prevent them from being mugged and
    murdered by the homies. I was going to type that I would rather have black
    people be so successful that we didn’t even care about a few cops murdering
    us, but you’ve already said that yourself on at least one occasion.

  10. How is singing changing anything? ? Why don’t they open their wallet?they
    can start with Detroit! 

  11. Even though the media focus on the Eric Garner and Mike Brown situations
    are a distraction for much bigger issues affecting black people, it is
    interesting to see the lack of support for this challenge. You would
    atleast expect the R&B singers to step up.

  12. We as the people have to stop supporting these celebs that dont speak up..
    Good video.

  13. Celebs don’t mind doing shit like the ‘ice bucket challenge’ cuz it’s “fun”
    and it’s doesn’t affect their career. That’s the main reason why you don’t
    see them speak out about issues like white cops killing innocent black
    people, cuz they don’t want their careers to be affected. But it would be
    nice if they could create a viral campaign about this issue, cuz that seems
    to be the only thing people can do to make a difference. Make shit go viral
    so it becomes “trendy”.

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