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25 thoughts on “Salon Preparation Tips, My Balayage Color + Stylist | Natural Hair

  1. Who’s Up!?! New Upload just went LIVE!! #NaturalHair <3 Salon Preparation
    Tips, My Balayage Color + Stylist Xo! <3

  2. i can’t find what town she’s in.. i live in jersey too. and she has the
    same area code as me, and I’m about to big chop soon, can u please tell me
    what town she’s in??

  3. Your hair is so beautiful! I enjoy watching and learning so much from your
    videos. Your my hair crush ♥♥…I am just starting in my hair journey and
    watching your videos makes me excited for what’s to come.

  4. My favorite line in the whole video, “It’ll grow back….or maybe it
    won’t.” Lol! You know, it’s whatever! Haha. This was very informative! I
    really feel prepared now if I ever decide to color my hair. SN: Out of all
    the ppl who fill in their eyebrows, you’re one of the few that’s got it
    right! Lol, eyebrows are on point!

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  6. Whitney!!! I wish I would have watched this a week ago… 🙁 On my
    birthday last weekend, I went to get a ROD set and I had grown my hair out
    sooo nicely! Finally lower bra strap length. Been on my journey forever,
    but finally made it to my happy point :-D. Mind you, my hair is very fine.
    I went to a natural hair salon, and she tore sooo much of my hair out and
    badly damaged it when detangling… I have to now get a full hair cut to
    look decent again.. Appointment in two weeks. Still upset 🙁 I wish I had
    spoken up.. 

  7. I find it interesting that you did not de-tangle your hair before you got
    there. I guess you had your reasons though. Beautiful cut and color! :)

  8. I will say that I’m actually quite surprised that you showed up to that
    appointment with such ill prepared hair especially with the detangling not
    done. You went through all the trouble of sending pictures etc. then to
    show up like that is surprising- especially how dedicated you are to hair
    care. But none of us is perfect and we all make mistakes and thanks for
    sharing. It looks really good! :-)

  9. I love it!! Be #fearless !!! Thanks for the tips. I’ve felt intimidated
    before at the salon. What did Felipe say about it? 

  10. Your hair color is gorg! Congrats on taking the plunge! BTW That last
    Facebook comment was weird!! Hahaha. I laughed so hard at your reaction.
    Good one. 

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