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25 thoughts on “Relaxed Hair Care Routine: Pre Poo Treatment W/ Natural Hair Growth Oils

  1. Girl, your hair grew soooooo much. I put my conditioner and oils (
    sometimes essential oils) in a applicator bottle and I warm it up a bit via
    hot water in a cup or bowl. I apply the mixture And massage my scalp, cover
    with a plastic cap & relax. 

  2. Natural hair is not for everybody I like my hair relax.Because I did
    natural and no matter what product I use still hard to comb through.I like
    the texture of permed hair I keep my hair braided and wear weaves or a
    wig.I perm my hair at least every 2 months.But natural hair did not work
    for me your hair is beautiful do what you feel best for your hair.Have a
    blessed day!!!

  3. Prepooing is so necessary for me during relaxer stretches. Your hair is
    gorgeous! Great video!

  4. When you paused to show that new growth I was like “Girl yesssss” lol. Love
    this video so helpful. I added it to my faves and will be using this since
    I’m stretching my relaxer. My hair stylist always wants to relax my hair
    when I’m trying to stretch for a couple of months. I’m trying to narrow it
    down to 2 relaxers a year only. I usually do 3 but the less the better.
    Thx ;-)

  5. In the past , I have invested a lot of money in buying different products
    but haven’t got any better results than argan life

  6. Very informative video!! My daughter is relaxed I’m gonna try this method
    on her next wash day.. Her hair is very dry and shampoo drys her hair out
    causing shedding 

  7. So loving ur new growth! I can’t wait to see your progress in December, do
    u have a video on how u detangle ur wet hair during stretches? 

  8. I go to the salon to get wash and sets, cuz I’m not really good at styling
    my own hair without damaging it….like u I stretch my perms, I learned
    that I only need a perm once a year so yay….lol but my question is….can
    do this b4 (like the night b4) I go in and get a wash and set?? 

  9. Love these videos hun! New growth definitely on fleek! Lol. Can’t wait to
    see when you relax it! 

  10. Wow! You’ve been able to retain so much length! Can’t wait for your next
    relaxer video. 

  11. That is a lot of new growth! Swear every girl who has relax hair should
    look at your videos.

  12. Hello, why do you relax your hair only twice a year? I’m trying to grow out
    my hair and was wondering why.

  13. Finally! Somebody who supports relaxed hair!!! So happy I found your

  14. +SoFreshDyamond so can you please make a video on the alphogee before you
    got you long hair please! THANKS in advance!!! 

  15. Hi I’m 14 and I wanna know how long do you do you stretch your relaxers and
    how many times do you pre poo your hair????

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