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25 thoughts on “RedCarpet-Ready Natural Hair Updo Inspired by Teyonah Parris! (Felicia Leatherwood)

  1. I absolutely love it…great simple instructions. I have no idea why anyone
    would give you a thumbs down….

  2. Hi,I have medium length hair (collar bone/shoulder) except in the very
    front-my hair stops at the top of my lips. Will this style still work for

  3. I love it so much my sister and i are always up for something new am gonna
    be rocking it and telling people in Jamaica how to find it thank u sooooo

  4. May natural hair isn’t long enough…wonder if I can add some extensions to
    achieve the same look…Love it though

  5. Fabulous!! I was looking for a hairstyle to wear for my bday tomorrow and I
    think this is it.

  6. I rocked this style at two weddings this summer, one in the states and
    other in Punta Cana (which I was in). It was very easy, fast, and classy.
    Thank you sooooooooo much! You are the absolute best!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ooh, girl, you did that!!!!! Fierce, beautiful, awesome……all that.
    Another black girl who is rockin that au naturale. Hand clap!!!!! Love it,
    I’m bout to copy it!!!!

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