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25 thoughts on “Quick FIX Orange Yellow Brassy Hair! Hair 911 part 1

  1. Hi! I watched your video before I highlighted my hair.. then used blue
    tonal lightening powder mixed with my sulfate free shampoo.. it worked!! No
    brassy highlights! Thanks so much!

  2. I’m in the process of doing my hair in medium ash blonde hoooppefully it
    be all gone I’m hoping so much and thank you so much for this video I was
    panicking last night and my ends are damaged but hopefully this be the end
    of experimenting with my hair again 

  3. I’ve been browsing the web looking for a solution to this haha. All I found
    were tutorials on how to get your hair to blonde using the T18 wella toner,
    but all I’m asking is to get rid of my orange and settle for a nice light
    brown! You gave me my answer, and I’ll be heading to sallys ASAP. Hope it
    works. 🙂 Thank you very much!

  4. The nice n easy hair dye works so well, its tones it quite well but not
    just after its been bleached, you have to wait a month or so before using
    it because it just won’t take very well on freshly bleached hair.

  5. thank you!!! the nice and easy trick worked….hair ended up a really
    boring light brown – but 1000 times better than bozo orange!!! you’re a

  6. I bleached my hair twice yesterday and got it the pale very light blonde
    about 4″ from the scalp/roots that I wanted. But the rest to the
    ends/botton is all orange! I don’t know if I should use a lighter hair dye.
    My hair cannot take another bleaching because I cut off about 4-5 inches of
    my fried hair. Please help!

  7. Oh boy let me tell you my hair was about 5 shades of all messed up. I am a
    natural dark dirty blonde and went to a dark brown got tired of it wanted
    to go back blonde and well hahah. the dark brown had started fading on top
    of my head but the ends had stayed dark and after the color oops I had red
    on top and a med brown on the ends looked cool but naw wasn’t what I wanted
    soooo I get the blonde maxi for dark brown to black hair and this time I
    done my ends before my roots so I wouldn’t end up with white roots and
    crazy orange red on the ends.. welp I ended up with perfect roots but
    bright orange hair eeek.. I went and got the color you suggested and omg I
    started freakin out cause it turned my hair red!! And I do not look good as
    a red head but washed it out and it is a gorgeous shade of blonde. Not to
    light not to dark so thank you sooooo much for this video you saved me from
    super embarrassing orange hair which is funny cause orange is my favorite
    color just not as a hair color lol you’d think I’d learn from years of
    fails from going dark to blonde but I am glad I stumbled across this video
    for a quick fix

  8. So I’ve bleached my hair and it looks like an apricot but I don’t want to
    go lighter instead I want to do a dark shade . what color should I get? 

  9. Thank you! Going to try this today. I have levels of Lemon, Apricot and
    Orange in my hair. I look like the Chiquita Banana lady without the actual
    fruit on my head. My husband has been calling me Lady Marmalade for the
    last two days. I am going to go check out the Clairol today. I have
    bleached this twice using Born Blonde Maxi, so I don’t want to do it a
    third time. I will post as soon as I do it. I have Bunco tonight and do not
    want to show up like this..LOL. Wish me luck!

  10. thank you so much for this! <3 after bleaching my hair 4 times it was this
    awful light orange color. so i went and bought that dye and it turned out
    such a beautiful shade of blonde (: 

  11. My hair is probably way more orange than the usual bleach aftermath, which
    is because I was red than dyed dark brown over it then bleached it, but it
    would be soooo cool if this worked. I have a doctors appointment today and
    Ive just been dreading going in like this lol. 

  12. Omg thanks I love you so much! my hair was looking orange and yellow and
    all brassy ididnt know what to do im going to buy this hair dye hopefully
    it works(:

  13. This helped me so much. My hair definitely has golden/brassy tones to it.
    I’m gonna try both the purple shampoo and the hair dye. Thank you!!

  14. Hi there, u are soooooo helpful, you are better than salons, i will def try
    this tomorrow! Thank you so much been looking and askig everywhere to get
    help and im positive this will help me! You make ur videos so detailed!
    Thanks 🙂 

  15. Ok I tryed so much I bleach my whole head then tone it and it didn’t work!
    So went to the salon the next day it help but still orange and yellow so
    then I research everything on how to get rid of it so luckily I found this
    video it was the cheap an easy way,it help me so much no more brass in my
    hair so thankful!!!!!

  16. Love you right now. Been dying my hair red for four years and a half &
    finally wanted blond again. I listened to so many ppl in shops and all it
    managed was to get my hair orange and take my money. That dye you suggested
    made it such a pretty blonde color! I no longer have to hear my hair looks
    like a sunset. Love it!

  17. I got the ombre kit by loreal, and since my hair is dark, it turned orange.
    I have tried the toner, and it helped a little bit. Im going to get an ash
    hair dye this week and try to fix it. Thanks so much for the helpful tips! 

  18. WHOW, I am so glad it WORKED. Thanks Lash…. My daughter decided to
    bleach her hair, urgh it turned out orange. Of course she call Mom to
    rescue her and it was Christmas Eve at 2pm that we were trying to fix it to
    go to our family celebration at 5pm. That fix suggested by Sally’s didn’t
    solve the problem so I came here and made a note to get the Nice & Easy
    106. Today 3 days later, my daughter LOVES her light brown, blond hair.
    I’m sure it will lighten but it give her a base color to enjoy. Cheers,

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