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25 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Hairstyle on Natural Hair – SimplYounique

  1. I am definitely doing this although my hair is medium and I could just put
    it in a puff with a ponytail holder

  2. that is a really nice style on you. Your natural hair is beautiful. You
    also have flawless skin. 

  3. am inspired, am transitioning to natural hair. i have relaxed ends,
    watching this video makes me wanna chop them off..like right now…thumbs

  4. I love this! I was struggling with what to do with my hair! This style is
    neat and professional….thanks!

  5. I love it!!!

    At first I was wondering how to get my short hair into a ponytail… lol

    thanks for that idea! Pretty :)

  6. Love it
    I tried it out and its lookin good. I’ve always wanted to put my short hair
    into a ponytail now I know! :)

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