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25 thoughts on “Protective Style (Tutorial) – Natural Hair Tuck with Two-Strand Twists in Front

  1. this is cute!! I tried doing this but without the twists, but it didn’t
    work out. Will attempt again!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. @yogawaga I transitioned for a year before doing the big chop. My
    transition styles were lots of braidouts and weaves. I stopped getting
    relaxers in the year 2005, then did the big chop, cutting all the relaxed
    hair off, in the summer of 2006… So that now makes me 4 1/2 years fully

  3. I am really loving this style. I can’t stop looking in the mirror… I have
    an interview in a few weeks and I might just wear my hair like this so

  4. @girlwithnaturalcurls I’d love for you to do a response video of you trying
    this style… Please, Please.. Can you?

  5. I’m trying this! I’m usually a afro puff or let it all out kinda girl, but
    it’s wintertime – I can’t have my hair looking all dry. lol This is
    perfect! Even though I haven’t used gel in a good 4 years – what is a good
    brand to get?

  6. Beautiful ‘n healthy hair. This is a very nice variation of a protective
    style. Always enjoy watching your vids..SUBSCRIBED

  7. Im a transplant from sunny Florida as well as 2nd time around natural.Just
    like the 1st time I’m transitioning w/ kinky twists.I retwist every 3-4wks
    w/ maintenance.Now that the snow has fallen do u think its best to use
    protective styles?How do u feel about kinky twist, etc?I went natural June
    2010 I have 5 inch new growth n d back & 4.5 n d front is dat average
    growth 4 6 months?Im n De so I plan 2 come c u 4 my b/c.Im not familiar
    with d area hope u arent 2 far.I love ur videos.

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