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24 thoughts on “One Of The Most Natural Looking Curly Hairstyles I’ve Had

  1. U r soooo awesome I love everything about u. Its like lookin in the mirror,
    ur so much like me. 

  2. you are hysterical- and you go girl
    Don’t let no one stop you from being you
    Hair is gorgeous

  3. ” who made this rule”? I want to see who made this rule! “F**k all that
    just live your life!” EPIC! Best come back ever! lol. If I close my eyes I
    can hear my niece same accent, same style! Young people gotta love them!
    Live Your Life!!!!!

  4. Girl you seem like u hang around a lot of dudes because u have sort of that
    laid back chill vibe and the way you be makin them faces when yo talk are
    hilarious to me I love me some peakmill

  5. when cutting curly hair u should not pull because it’ll spring back which
    will actually be shorter than u intended just a suggestion but I enjoy ur
    videos so as u say what ever works lol :)

  6. I have to give you props again…I’m licensed and this is very nice! Good
    Job!……..and btw…you’re jammin!

  7. i aint been on here in a min… i had to come check you out. you are the
    shit! and you can dance your ass off. keep doin it and doin it well

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