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25 thoughts on “Natural Skin & Hair Care : Tips for Growing Your Hair Long

  1. When I was suffering from dry hair from over processing, my arganl ife.
    shampoo was an amazing help! It brought my hair back to rain and ı highly
    recommend argan life shampoo !!!

  2. @LILASHLEY97 It Might Help B/C Oil Espically Olive && Cocoanut Grows Your
    Hair…But Im Not Sure From Heating It And Washing It…. :/

  3. @MetalFntasy666 its hot towel because the heat makes ur pores open and
    allows the oil to saturate the follicles and help it grow.

  4. @Support4MySingers The sounds that annoy you relax me. haha i honestly
    watch this video because the sounds of the dishes clinking soothes me
    before bed.

  5. this looks interesting!! but can someone tell me if I can juss use Olive
    oil ONLY, then wrap it with a hot towel??

  6. @2juicy123 No i was looking at the commerical and she pops up i was scared
    not of her appreance 😛

  7. For a min there that lady sitting down looked black and i was like oh sh#t,
    i never seen an indian person do a black persons hair but when the camera
    backed up i saw the lay was indian as well.

  8. @1STAR1GIRl Oh wow, really? Thanks!! How often can you do this? Sorry for
    so many questions!! Lol. Have you done it before?

  9. im confused cuz it really sounded like you were saying hot towel but the
    subtitles say cold….??? anyone agree?…or no what she meant???….

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