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25 thoughts on “NATURAL KIDS | Taylor’s Updo with Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Collection

  1. “You don’t want your edges to be messy” YAASSS teach em young to keep those
    edges on #Fleek lol! 

  2. Love it Ms. Beautiful Taylor. Thank you . I will be trying this on my
    oldest daughter and myself, I’ll add some Marley hair for added protection,
    thickness, and durability lol. This is quick simple and lovely… :))

  3. “U need to take ur ring off” lol!!! I was thinking it and she said it. Love
    her! Very cute style

  4. There’s one of the lil cuties! This was such a fun video to watch yolanda!
    & it came out so moisturized & pretty!

  5. Omggggggg I love your daughter she’s so adorable and her personality is so
    cute !!

  6. I am really going to try this style on my daughter. Taylor is too cute….
    I have my daughter singing that song your daughters were singing.( I don’t
    care about my frizzy hair!) That was so cute!

  7. Aww, you did good Taylor and your hair looks beautiful!

    Where’s Skylar~Bear Taylor?

  8. Awesome style. It looks gorgeous on her. I bet it would look good on Skylar

  9. Honty you better do that!! Teaching Taylor early!! Taylor is a natural
    YouTuber!! So cute!!

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