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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair Winter Routine Without Protective Styles

  1. Please do a video on how you transition from one style to another. I’m
    newly natural so I’m trying to establish and good routine. I live in FL but
    it still gets a little cold here during winter. Thanks beauty!

  2. I’ve been PSing since Sept. My hair has only been out on Christmas,
    Thanksgiving and on 2 social events. Next winter I plan to do less PSing so
    will take your advice into consideration

    Lol 15-21 day hair. I can’t go past 10….itchy scalp 

  3. I just looked at one of your videos from a year ago. Do you have a video on
    how your hair grew so long and healthy in such a short period of time?

  4. Ugh!! I just loc’d my hair in Sept after being natural for 4 years. This
    video makes me miss my loose hair sooo much!! Your hair looks so healthy
    and I love the color!

  5. Very beautiful hair or hve a nice smile but I’m alil confess did u say u
    deep conditioner once a wk or sayin u deep conditioner once months an that
    the only deep conditioner u use 

  6. Is this going to be something new that ur going to try or have you done
    this and just going to be continuing the process 

  7. I work out 3 days a week, I too rarely do protective styling (I swear I was
    the only one). I have to wash my hair after every workout so the salt/sweat
    doesn’t build up and break my hair. 🙁 Do you recommend dry shampoos or
    anything in regards to workouts? Thanks Sis

  8. when i blow dry my hair out it always have those knots or nappy balls on my
    ends am i not getting to the ends good cause i trim it dont want to cut my
    length off. just dont know what happening your fro looks good all the way
    to the ends if you can see my picture here you can see what i mean i do
    deep condition too i dont want to cut it all off and start over. Help!

  9. Does it snow where you live? Winter appears to be great for my hair for
    some reason. I usually don’t have any issues. But, I don’t live in a really
    harsh climate, where the winters are super frigid. I usually don’t change
    my routine at all. The only thing I’ve found is that I don’t need a styler
    as much in the winter, because there is no humidity to kill my hairstyles. 

  10. Regal Fro, love your hair and your video!! I am loving your color, what
    color and brand is it? Do you have a video on hair coloring or coloring
    your hair online. Just from your videos I think we have the same hair
    texture…..in any case your hair is longer and seems to have remained more
    retention even with color. Thanks again for sharing.

  11. I feel like you ve been in my head. I started just after Thanksgiving and
    I’m co washing only every three weeks, as well. No heavy gels due to
    needing to transition bw styles. You rock! My hair hero! 

  12. I loved this video it was so helpful & the whole time I was just staring at
    your hair like

  13. Can u put the name of the deep conditioner I would really like to try it
    cuz I use the line in the orange line

  14. I live near Chicago, IL and it gets super cold. I had to get hats specially
    made for my hair to go under because I almost always wear my hair out in
    the winter. The longer it gets the more I feel like I am running out of
    styles….My hair is just getting bigger and bigger and I am looking for
    some different styles….Help! I absolutely love your vids…you have been
    one of my favorites to follow and copy….<3

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