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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair | Winter Protective Style Two Strand Twist Updo

  1. How do you have the best two-strand twists on the internet? LoL If I can
    get mines to look anything like that, I will try this style. Thanks for

  2. I love this style I do my hair like this all the time I slick my edges with
    Hicks edge control’ it gives more of a sleeker look.

  3. luv ur nails gurl! and ur hair looks super duper healthy &moisturized! im
    subscribing right now

  4. hey loe ur channel . im 3 month post relaxer i knw no where yet but i enjoy
    my journey so far and making my own herb infused oils and shampoos etc i
    just posted up some video nothing as nice as urse…. good job and love the

  5. Your hair is so beautiful and shiny! Beautiful! My hair feels like tha when
    I use products I get from iherb like all my giovanni’s (weightless
    leave-in, smooth as silk moisture, etc…), my EV coconut oils, essential
    oils, Kinky Kurly Knot Today leave-in, black soap, vitamins, etc…. You
    can also get a huge discount with this code: ARU392. If you get $40 or more
    worth of product, you get $10 off, if you spend less, you automatically get
    $5 off. Anyway, keep posting amazing vids. Go naturals! 🙂

  6. “My best friend Bobby. Bobby Pins! ” I love your voice, you are sooooo
    adorable (:

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