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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair Wash Day Tips (4C Hair Chick Vlogger)

  1. Hair twins (I think)!!! Great tips! I try to wash in twists MOST of the
    time…but since my hair seems a little thinner, I wash in larger twists.
    I didn’t know about the plastic clips though – off to the beauty supply.

  2. I love it! Excellent tips! I never thought of using clips. I’ll be using
    this technique tomorrow on my wash day. 

  3. Hmm, I have the metal ones but I definitely have to hunt those down! You
    hair looks amazing BTW!!!

  4. My goodness your hair looks so healthy and full! I love it! The extra time
    you put it really paid off. I’ve never been able to achieve day one hair
    like this! Definitely going to try. Thank you!

  5. I love the results. I’m getting me some of those clips and trying it out
    for myself 🙂 . thank u and thanks, Trudi ;D

  6. This was an excellent video. Thank you for sharing. I’m also a 4c gal check
    me out whenever you have a chance.

  7. I was totally drawn in by all the fun colors of the clip lol I definitely
    hair to get some. even though I do this with metal clips or bobby pins.
    The colored ones a super FUN. Nice Video by the way. 

  8. Great video! Very informative! I need to get some of those clips for sure!
    I have the metal ones, but I barely use them. I am afraid they will snag my
    wet hair! Hope that all has been well and you are doing wonderful! Stay
    authentically beautiful sis! 

  9. Hello fellow 4chairchick vlogger! I’ve been subbing to you for awhile. I
    hope my channel will grow as well as yours has! Ok, now i bet you can use
    hair bows/barettets too! I am gonna try it and post on my channel with the
    results! Great vid and great tip. I always wash my 4c in twists also!

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