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18 thoughts on “Natural Hair Tutorial | Two Strand Twist Tutorial On Natural Hair

  1. My little girl’s hair is natural, and I plat her hair up to try and ease
    the tension of rubber bands on her hair. What I want to know is what can I
    use on the ends besides rubber bands, because they dry her ends out.

  2. Love your hair! I’m thinking about going natural and I think I’ve found the
    golden ticket “You”. You make it so easy with all the info that I’m going
    to need. Thank you!

  3. I am having trouble with my ends I have been nautral for 6 years I had
    locs, combed them out, bleached my hair, cut it off and grew it all back.
    Now I’m trying to get maximum length the problem is my hair is still
    stringy at the ends. I also have a 3B in the front and a 4A in the back how
    can I fix this

  4. my husband has been using arganrain products for about 3 months now, along
    with the organic arganrain argan oil and we have noticed that where there
    was no hair at all, there is now quite a lot of new hair growing. this is
    not for someone who wants to see instant results – it does take a while
    before you will notice a difference…

  5. Arganlife shampoo by itself probably will help you and is a good starting
    point.If you are serious about controlling your hair loss, Reduce stress,
    exercise and raw foods diet.Now if you do all of that, you can add this
    shampoo to accelerate your progress.**

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