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25 thoughts on “NATURAL HAIR TRAUMA!! #Part 1

  1. +Aariyn Pearson LOL thanks love! Welcome aboard! At last i can reply, not
    directly but seeing as we playing google’s game and got each other in
    circles i can NOW REPLY! smh xo :-)

  2. You are hilarious!! I LOVE that you talk about the true ups and downs of
    your natural hair journey! It is absolutely refreshing 🙂 I think your hair
    looks beautiful 🙂

  3. lol @ singing at the tune! hehe, glad you found it catchy! 😀 I’m
    multitasking in the home. It’s mother’s day here in London and my boys are
    spoiling me rotten. Nothing better than that 😀 When is it Mother’s day in

  4. LOL! Thanks for the tips! I have actually been Dc’ing twice a week but
    still, hair was drying out so i went on strike and left it alone for 2
    weeks, lol. I have made up my mind to DC with my huetiful steamer weekly
    now though especially in the winter months. I only use my huetiful steamer
    once a month lol (being lazy) So gald you’re getting my notifications if
    when i upload as youtube be playing, LOL!

  5. HI! Thank youuu 🙂 Yes all year without fail, was using my homemade
    moisturizing spritz which is water based with choice of essential oils
    which i spoke about a lot in my earlier videos from video entitled
    experimenting with hairveda gelly* 🙂 I stopped using it now as i couldn’t
    figure out why my hair dried out this winter..I have now returned back to S
    curl SPRAY which is water based and my hair is responding to it well lol. I
    spritz am with it but thank u, i will bare what you said in mind:)

  6. You just need a good ole DC. And the slipperiest of the slipperiest
    conditioner. I would try an Avocado/Honey/EVOO mask as a prepoo, wash it
    then use like Hello Hydration and a good leave in. It’s going to take time
    regaining your hairs level of moisture back since you had it on lockdown
    for quite some time.

  7. awww not fair i needed more video of ur results lol ha ha ..i wanted to see
    ur hair after .. i finally bought 2packetts of the aphogee stuff i promise
    to make ok hunnie

  8. lol HI! Well that was straight to the point! hah! Thank you 🙂 I did
    figure it out in the end. When you have time there is a story to this
    upload. Part 2-identifying the problem. Part 3 rollerset. Part 4: i figured
    out HOW TO avoid MY dry natural hair by mixing my winter staple product
    with some oils (as i thought product stopped working) And i also hot oil
    treated my hair under the huetiful steamer and BINGO! EPISODES 4 & 5 shows
    the turn around from dry to moisturized. Thanks for your time 🙂

  9. lol yea try it and see what happens thats what this hair journey is about
    trial and error so hopefully it works for you!! 🙂 cant wait untill the
    review!! 🙂

  10. HI! I’m back on track 🙂 Stay tuned to find out how i figured it out lol.
    Thanks for watching, sorry for late reply you got marked as spam so i just
    unmarked it 🙂 My hair doesn’t like avocado 🙁

  11. Hi…I will pray harder for your hair my friend! Don’t believe everything
    you see ok.

    Stay tuned to find out what i discovered…Let’s just say my hair was
    STRIPPED!!! Flippin’ hell! lol! Don’t miss out on part 2 coming in about 35
    minutes!! 🙂 I DEE SOLVED DEE PROBLEM Ooohhh (well, partly) heehee!

  13. lol @ grow grow fro lol…you have been doing good with your hair….the
    winter is taking my moisture a little smh its a mess…your hair is think

  14. gUUUUURRRLLL! I don’t know what’s going on!! I swear to you, over the last
    and scared at the same time..LOL! Can the hair monster really be appearing
    in my life too!?! HEEHEE! Oh gosh! The SUDDEN thicker strands is what is
    making the dryness more noticeable!! psh, please, your hair looks fine to
    me, if i suffered with that lack of moisture i’ll be just fine! 😀

  15. ha sorry I meant to put a smiley face after don’t whine. I was teasing you.
    I enjoy your videos!

  16. LOL, don’t worry you know how i do. Of course the results are coming! Stay
    tuned for the following episodes, lol

  17. “Grow grow grow fro” girl, you are going to have me singing that all night.
    I tried the minimalist approach tonight. I cleansed my hair tonight and put
    nothing but Shea butter and Jamaican black castor oil. It’s my first time
    using jbco. I might film in the morning to tell how it came out.

  18. Ah HA! You discovered that on this maddening journey, what used to work all
    of a sudden STOPS! So the running out to find something else begins. Have
    fun with it. And yea your hair has really thickened up the edges as well.
    Good for you. What does your Ma say about it?

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