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24 thoughts on “Natural Hair | Transition Style | Cute Curly Fro

  1. Any suggestions for maintaining this lovely style? Did she just wrap it
    with a silk or satin scarf or did she re-roll it nightly? Just wondering
    the best way to keep this looking nice.

  2. After looking at the finished style, and if I didn’t know better, I’d think
    her hair was permed… but it’s not. Her hair is perfection.

  3. which product did she use in the begin? at 0:17 and at 0:56 what’s the name
    of that product? for how long she can keep that hairstyle? 

  4. That was a beautiful style…I am going to try this style. What products
    did you use? And would the style turn out better if someone helped me with
    the back of my hair?

  5. For how long she had to keep that plastic bag on her hair? (00:42) and why?
    if we don’t do it, it might not work? 

  6. Wow, I really, really love this style. I’m tempted to cut my hair once
    again lol just to rock this style for awhile! Kudos to the stylist, what a
    gr8 job :)

  7. One of the main reasons why I love black hair is the versatility. All the
    things u can do with it. Omg just great!!!

  8. Very cute! I’m entering my 7th month post relaxer. This is almost worth Big
    Chopping for…almost!

  9. The best natual hair style I ve ever seen. But will a natural hair with no
    traces of perm turn out like this if I try it.

  10. Yaaaasss DC in the house, the dc metro area is known for doing natural
    hair. Beautiful results!!!

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