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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair Tips That Work For Me and My 18 inch Hair Wrap Up.m4v

  1. Girl you cray!!! Lion King song had me lmbo! Your hair is beautiful and
    thanks for the tips 😉

  2. Can you do a video showing all the products that you use and recommend for
    african american hair. From the steamer to how you get it straight, how
    many times do you get it trimmed a month, etc

  3. lol ur crazy and beyonce wear full lace wigs to her head so its her wigs
    that looks alil dry. lol

  4. ok i got to say this umm if you felt like it was a waste of your time then
    why u put the vid in ur favs then that dont make no sense jus to let you
    know. ppl like u need to take the rudeness sum where else cus no one got
    time for that.

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