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25 thoughts on “NATURAL HAIR | Teeny Weeny Afro Tips

  1. Lol girl u r too funny. But I’m going to tell you that you have the best
    tutorials. Due to the fact that it starts from day 1 n month by month.
    Exactly what I need. I’m in my 4 th month now. And needed some new ideas,
    cost effective to. Thank you gorgeous 1 xoxo. 

  2. Girl I big chopped 2 weeks ago and I love it my hair does get dry quick but
    that water n olive oil works miracles

  3. How much fabric did you have them cut.??.Im always in Jo-Anns and never
    thought to do that…

  4. @naturallybeautiful83 soo glad it helped you. Girl yes I bought a couple
    different fabric color & patterns.. I also use scarfs for head wraps too 🙂

  5. @Flyygirljay811 glad it helped girl! I love head wraps and beanie hats
    during that stage of my growth. 🙂

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