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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair Styling (-TWA/4C)-Get Those Curls Popping

  1. its so refreshing to find someone that keeps it real, the rest of these
    youtubers refer you to products that cost so much, its just not realistic.
    i really love this video because i have 4c hair as well and my hair gets
    soooo dry so fast. im dealing with much trial and error as well. im in the
    midst of my second big chop, trying to find products that will keep my hair
    moisturized and curly throughout the day. im gonna try these, thanks!

  2. thanks for sharing. I think my hair is 4c too and this was very helpful in
    showing how to get good curl pattern. good looking out for us nappy twas’

  3. Thanks for sharing this video! I truly enjoyed watching how you achieved
    your popping/ rocking curls, and you made it look so easy! I too have 4c
    hair & its so hard to get ANY type of curl definition. I will certainly be
    purchasing the Motion line of products you used and see if it work on my 4c
    hair. Your hair turn out Beautiful. I also Love, love your makeup as well
    even though I don’t wear any myself. 

  4. +livewrightnow Thanks so much for this. I’ve been afraid to use certain
    products because they’re not “natural”. New subbie! Btw what editing
    software do you use for your videos?

  5. I love how nice and shiny it turned out! My hair is a few inches longer and
    I still do the brush curls. Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to try those

  6. I big chopped last week. I’ve been so lost. Lol. I’m going to go buy every
    last one of these products tomorrow morning!!! Lol. 

  7. You and your hair are beautiful.I’m 4c also,and I’ve been thinking about
    cutting my sisterlocks off and starting fresh.This is really an inspiring
    video,thank you so much for sharing!!

  8. I never thought to do that with the brushes when my hair was shorter, does
    it work on hair a little longer? And that purple lip is cute too!

  9. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try this with my hairbrush. Very
    attractive style on you!

  10. Hi thanks for sharing your routine , I’m in the UK and I’ve not long done
    the ‘big chop’ so videos like yours are so helpful.
    I’m going in search of those products tomorrow to have a try, thanks again
    girl .

  11. Hello, I just done the big chop on yesterday. My hair is maybe 1/2 of an
    inch. I have purchased the Cantu products. As of the first go at this it
    turned out ok, but not what I expected. I need to be a bit more educated on
    this natural hair thing. I have look at youtube quite a bit. But I was
    wondering, as my hair dried it got very hard, is this normal? Also how
    often do you have to do your hair like this in the video? 

  12. Love the definition, most definitely! But how long does this style last
    you? My hair gets super dry really quickly, especially in this GA heat, &
    I’m wondering if the hair will retain moisture all day?

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